WarGooMon by Deriaz



30 January 2018 at 17:29:18 MST

Birthday gift for Goolashe of him dressed as his favorite Digimon. I tried some different stuff thanks to stigmata gifting me a process by David Harrington~ Happy birthday, Goolashe!!

Have some music!
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    I am an old-school Digimon fan......so I can say this is definitely way awesome! Nice work making the design fit with the person’s character! :D

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      I really need to see more. He's been showing me part of Season 3, since it's his favorite, and we just saw the Digimon Adventure Tri: Loss movie in a theatre the other night. I wasn't a fan as a kid, because of Pokemon, but I definitely see the appeal now!

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        Gosh, I can't wait for "Loss" to come out on DVD..............Toei Co. did an amazing job doing a "next generation" style series for first (and second) seasons, which felt like it was more for us who watched it when we were younger and were "grown up" now. (I was an older teen at the time, but...........well, I can't do anything about having been born in the 1970s and growing up in the 80's! XD) The CGed animation was much more seamless than I expected with the traditional animation look as well. I'm a bit of stickler on that--series that mesh them and you can see shiny CG and flat traditional bother me (Transformers: Energon is a really good example of that.....!). Season 3 is a fave of many..........and of many a furry fandom person who's not into Digimon, because of Renamon. chuckle I liked season 3's "standalone" single-series concept............seasons 1 and 2 were linked, but felt almost separate because they didn't want people to feel they HAD to have seen the first season.