When You Go Dark Souls with your Dragon Friends by Deriaz (critique requested)

When You Go Dark Souls with your Dragon Friends (critique requested)


14 July 2017 at 10:50:20 MDT

This might be the biggest thing I've done so far, and I swear that's not a joke because of all the dragons. And dancing about in a suit of armor... That's one strong hare!!

A commission for Talaran/Taldren, spurred on by a certain video. Since I'm a big Dark Souls fan, he came to me with the idea, and... Well, look, you can't say no to a ton of dragons AND inspired by one of my favorite goofy videos. It was a big project, but I'm so happy with how this turned out. Thank you, Taldren, for wanting something like this done!!

Featuring from left to right: Exodite, me, Zyleeth, TheLeonard, Talaran/Taldren, Rhos, and Tarkustralszar!

Have some music!
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Critiques welcomed as always!


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    That's a lot of dragons............with wonderful and great detail in the scaling and different body shapes! :D

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    I ebjoy the mixed expressions of the dragons, they have a lot of personality. My personal fav is the brown one with their face resting on their hand~ I'd be pretty proud of this too, great piece!

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    Everything about this is amazing <3 But I particularly love the dragons expressions too