Dimensional Patrol by Deriaz

Dimensional Patrol


19 December 2016 at 13:21:47 MST

A commission for rakuenwolf of FA of his mech dragon, Jared, patrolling one of the cities he protects. Looks like everything is all clear!

It's funny how doing the egyptian themed image for ThornDracorn and Kurrikage felt like a big change, and now here I am just painting another big guy in a normal location. I get the feeling this won't be the last time. The floodgates are open, aren't they.

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Critiques are welcomed as always!

As a bonus, here's a small little story snippet that Rakuenwolf wrote for the image!

“Control this is Jared, scan of Sector Twenty-Two Bravo complete, area secure with no threats detected. Patrol detail complete in the capital, how copy?”

The dragon, known as Jared, rested his arm on the building to his side as he waited for a response from his contact at the defence Bureau, his tail flicking idly in the street below as suddenly his radio crackled to life in response.

“Solid copy Guardian, that’s all we have for you – you are free to continue on with your day…” the warm tones of the female operator paused for a moment before continuing “..and thank you as always, take care” she finished before the comms line clicked off.

Chuckling to himself he idly looked over some information from his scans as below him traffic continued below as if nothing was a miss, enjoying another sunny day in the capital. Jared on the otherhand was considering if he would have time to go meet up with a friend before having to leave for other business in a neighbouring dimension…either way at least this place would be safe until next time he swung by.


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    Once one person sees the awesomeness you can do...................everyone else will look for it too. :)

    I really enjoy how this one turned out, it's neat to see another daytime image from you--and of a superhero character no less! :D