Grahckhuehl by Deriaz



21 February 2016 at 16:40:01 MST

A big ol' commission for sbw-tusachi (of FA)'s character Grahckhuehl being a cool armored dragon in space. The XCOM program must think he's some sort of new threat though -- I'm more surprised they rigged some ships to get that high above the atmosphere!

This was a struggle at first, I won't lie. Vehicles, space, armored dragon? Oh gosh. But I'm rather pleased with the results. Once things got placed and colors got washed on, it became a joy to work on!

Critiques welcomed as always!

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    Very nice work!

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      Thank you kindly!!

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    There is nothing more awesome than a space battle.........except this piece, which goes beyond awesome! :)

    This is serious book cover illustration stuff...your attention to detail and the vivid colors (even the dark ones) really catch the eye! Excellent work! :D

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      Ahhhh, I'd love to do a book cover some day. It's sort of along the same line as the pipe dream I used to have of drawing for comic books. And thank you -- I'm slowly figuring the color thing out! Now I need to start tying it to realism. James Gurney, teach me how to paint light and color!!

      Thank you kindly~

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        James Gurney would be an awesome sensei! (I own so much Dinotopia stuff it's not even funny! XD)

        You could always see if Wizards of the Coast would take illustrations for D&D stuff! :) Even starting with illustrations for "Dragon" magazine would be cool! :D

        You're very welcome! :D

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    Dragons in spaaaaaace !!!!

    A great piece of art ^-^

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      "Love space. Atmosphere. B-black holes. Astronauts. Nebulas. Ju-J-Jupiter. The Big Dipper-- THE BIG DIPPER."

      Thank you!!