Bruce by Deriaz



24 January 2016 at 22:10:26 MST

I'm not the strongest at character sheets, so I figure, I'll just do a normal painting and that'll be good enough of a reference! I may do a back eventually -- wings and things are still up in the air, but the character is fairly solid as is. (Disclaimer: This image started as an anatomy study and turned into a full painting -- I no longer have the source image's original location. Sorry!)

So. "Bruce", as I'm calling him. A "Bara Boxelder Bug" as some have called him. Yes, I'm aware of the alliteration, and I've made peace with it. Deriaz has always meant to serve as an embodiment of who I am physically, but what I wish I could be mentally or in confidence (as abstract of concepts as those are to portray in art -- working on it!). Bruce, on the other hand, is sort of a counter to that. It's a body type that appeals to me pretty heavily, but the character himself is in a different kind of struggle -- poor, cannot win bodybuilding competitions, stuck in a construction job and lifts on the side. He may be an "ideal" to some, but I don't want him to just be eye candy for some viewers. I suppose we'll see how well I handle that!

Critiques welcomed as always.

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    I think he looks great ^-^

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      Thank you kindly!!

      -- Hey. Wait a second. Oh gosh, I'm so slow. I only just made the connection! PYRE! Aha! I was like, "Two skull people commenting, one per site! Are they becoming more common...?" And then it hit me. God. How did I not realize?

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        Hahhaha XD really xp

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    He could always turn to vigilante all good superheroes. :D

    I love the pose and the muscle detail is really fabulous! I don't see many bug-type characters that are muscular like this...they're usually thin and wispy. :)

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      Hmm. I suppose that's true! He does kind of look like a super hero. He should put on clothes though, if he does that.

      Thank you! I definitely thought about bugs for a character like this for that reason, amongst others. I guess I like subverting stereotypes a little! At least to a minimum if I can.

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        He might get more attention with less least female superheroes seem to! XD

        You're most welcome! :D

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      *he could turn to vigilante justice
      I (think I) see what you did there...

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        Kamen Rider reference? Or the Batman? :) (Either works! XD)

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          I was thinking Kamen Rider, actually.

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            Rock on, fellow Kamen Rider fan! fistbump

            (Though I haven't seen anything newer than Ryuuki and Blade........... XD)