AC Badge by Deriaz

AC Badge


29 June 2015 at 23:40:59 MDT

A little rough image to shrink, maybe crop a little better, and potentially use as a badge for Anthrocon. Text font/positioning might change a little bit from now until then, but I mostly just hope that it's both appealing and readable to others.

If it's not, well... Oops! But hey, on the other hand I think this might be one of my favorite paintings of Deriaz I've done!

Photoshop CS6
Enjoy! Critiques are always welcomed.

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    It looks pretty awesome!

    And have tons and tons of fun at AC!!! :D

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      I will try! I flip back and forth from anxiety to excitement. By the time I board the plane, I expect to be a shaky, excited, terrified mess. I hope security doesn't notice. They'll think I'm insane!

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        You'll get through it! :D

        I'm at AX now and this is definitely the largest convention I've been to since I went to San Diego ComiCon in 2003! It's so crazy!!! XD

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    I hope to see ya there :)

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      I'll keep an eye out for you as well! I'll be in the Alley most of the time, selling prints and originals next to Stigmata and Vanderlugt, if all things go according to plan. Not quite sure how busy the Alley can be, but hopefully I won't be too hard to find!

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        I hope I'll get a chance to look around for ya! I'll be stuck at my dealer room table for much of the weekend.