[A] Holiday Dinosaurs - 3/3 OPEN by DerangedLeech

[A] Holiday Dinosaurs - 3/3 OPEN


17 December 2017 at 15:57:45 MST

Blame Argo

Ceratosaurus rudolph - 35$ - OPEN
Poleocanthus husky - 25$
Yutyrannus ugly sweater - 30$

Once you buy the adopt, you CANNOT resell for more
Changes are A-ok, but you have to credit back to the original design still
Non-recolour adopts will NOT be replicated, do not ask
Payment MUST be sent before you can claim it. If you do not pay, anyone else who does owns it, and you will be reported for theft
I can add in details like a headshot/genitalia/ect for 10$ each, if not already included (These will be flat coloured in the same style as the adopt)
First come first serve. I can do holds, HOWEVER, if others are interested you can only hold it for 1 week!


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    Oh my GOD that yutyrannus. So cute.