[A] Thicc Jester - CLOSED by DerangedLeech

[A] Thicc Jester - CLOSED


26 May 2017 at 16:09:44 MDT

A fun design of a feisty thing with tiny tippy tappers and thicc thighs

Price: 45$
Owner: Recklesshype


  • Once you buy the adopt, you CANNOT resell for more
  • Changes are A-ok, but you have to credit back to the original design still
  • Non-recolour adopts will NOT be replicated, do not ask
  • Payment MUST be sent before you can claim it. If you do not pay, anyone else who does owns it, and you will be reported for theft
  • I can add in details like a headshot/genitalia/ect for 10$ each, if not already included (These will be flat coloured in the same style as the adopt)
  • First come first serve. I can do holds, HOWEVER, if others are interested you can only hold it for 1 week!


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    Seriously still love this design. First thing that came to mind when looking at the color scheme was the flavor of a blood orange cremosa.

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      What's that? Though I'm still so happy you do!

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        In a nutshell, an Italian cream soda! Delicious and sweet, basically.