[T] Serentity by DerangedLeech

[T] Serentity


21 March 2017 at 15:57:08 MDT


My half of a trade with my friend Crypsis/Sinereous!

This piece took me quite a while and I went way overboard but frankly I am glad that I did, since I learned a LOT and had so much fun. Also just happy to sit and do something really nice for them, since so much of my artistic drive is inspired by their works and how incredible they are at their craft, I guess it's also a hat-tip <3

ANYWAYS for info incase anyone wanted this was done almost entirely in SAI, with edits and blurs/effects done in an ancient version of Gimp. Time taken is.... unknown. I worked on it for a good amount of hours though on and off between other projects! Hope perhaps next year to DOUBLE in skill at environmental illustration //flex!!!!

Character: Bryony (theirs)
Species: Sphinx

Please do not use my works, or take any characters/species in them!