[G] Comfort in Familiarity by DerangedLeech

[G] Comfort in Familiarity


6 October 2016 at 16:40:34 MDT

Mushrooms and Succulents are both v soft and special in variety and beauty. Gift for Battlehog <3

Character: Mycota (theirs)
Species: Will O Wisp

Please do not use my works, or take any characters/species in them!

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    I thought this was a floral study, but the real prize is seeing you do other peoples characters. Man this makes me miss the forest, soft mushroom, silken moss and mist. How was it using pastels for something so earthy?

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      <3 Truly? It was pleasant. Succulents and cacti from desert and hard rock and earth settings have such a softness to them. I feel it's just as wonderful as the forest

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        Your making me miss the Red Canyons in Nevada now more than ever. Seeing these kinds of plants, Amber iron aboriginal art brings me back to a home away from home.

        Honestly these are so full of the nature feel I want to use these are pillows ahahah.

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          I can visualize that... god I want to visit there someday. But I am too much of a grump about anyplace too warm

          If they made them, I'd be a broke hirudo that's for sure