[P] Clockwork Universe by DerangedLeech

[P] Clockwork Universe


21 April 2016 at 11:22:02 MDT

For a bit, I have decided to make myself into a beetle, as a kinda.. not persona but just, nice thing! ICU, the leech, is still VERY much so around, and is my MAIN and if you refer to be as him or anything to do with him, I will love you forever. It's confusing I know but bear with me.

Note too: This character is LITERALLY ME just, as a beetle. So you can just call it Quinncy, Quinn, or honestly any nickname that you want to at the time. I am fueled by nicknames.

Quick fun info:

  • An automatonic beetle, has mechanical and clockwork internals
  • Powered by a star that resides within his chest
  • When he moves the universe stuff just kinda remains the same, as though you are looking through a window at space itself, though it changes appearance/colour with mood

Note... unless I say it is ok, PLEASE no NSFW comments or such regarding this fellow? He is /me/. Therefore, unless you are my beloved bonded or someone I trust and open up to, I'd appreciate courtesy. Though comments like "Whoa I'd bang that" are ok! You can be a perv just please acknowledge that this isn't just a character...!

Character: Me as a beetle
Species: Automatonic beetle

Please do not use my works, or take any characters/species in them!

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    I really love this design +o+

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      Thank youuu, it's honestly my pride and joy right now