[P/A] Cucu-tober 5/31 - OPEN~ by DerangedLeech

[P/A] Cucu-tober 5/31 - OPEN~


8 October 2015 at 08:04:15 MDT

October and inktober are both amazing, but I wanted to do something as a test to myself.
For all 31 days, I will be drawing one of these species, the Cucu! They are both simply for your viewing pleasure, and secondly serve as adopts. If you don't like adopts, simply ignore that fact and enjoy! Each one will be drawn separately and differently, no repeats!

This one is an kinda teeny. Bit devious and may be up to something, but playful!

Price: 25$
Owner: N/A


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    So cuttttte!

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      Just beggin' for a tummy rub

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        If you do I'll be sure to leave a dripping trail of saliva sown your face from my tongue! :P