[A] Spotted Horse Adopts - 3/4 OPEN by DerangedLeech

[A] Spotted Horse Adopts - 3/4 OPEN


30 September 2015 at 14:56:12 MDT

Here are some horses that look suspiciously like knabstruppers or appaloosa! But what are they, we don't know.

  1. "Makes no sense" Through unfortunate circumstance, they lose their eyes and ears, possibly their tongue too the poor thing. The chain is a remnant from something, we don't quite know...

Price: 25$
Owner: N/A

  1. "P-lucky lil pony" Somehow, through their fabulous fur, they managed to gallop to a fair and win first place. First place in what? We're not sure. They're rather fluffy though.

Price: 25$
Owner: Northwestspiritwolf

  1. "Pastel Prodigy" Working nonstop, they are tireless and capable of achieving anything. They are the best in everything they do, and gorgeous alongside it.

Price: 20$
Owner: N/A

  1. Custom! Any colours/theme you would like. This is highly customizable, event the base lineart can be tinkered with

Price: 35$
Owner: N/A