[P] Ideal...? by DerangedLeech

[P] Ideal...?


20 September 2015 at 11:43:27 MDT

Tbh I don’t mind my body much most of the time but sometimes when it hits that I’m a pudgy, confused short thing it really upsets me because it’s not a choice it’s what I’m forced to be. Kinda wish I was the “ideal” and “appealing” thing. Sighs

Also I made myself a reindeer since when in Canada I got re-hyped about them after all these years.

Want to point out too that this wasn't triggered by anything/anyone??? It just is something I feel at random when I see my reflection or other stuff. Yeah

Character: QT (mine)
Species: Svalbard reindeer

Please do not use my works, or take any characters/species in them!

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    Aw what a cutie!
    And yeah I feel ya, I'm actually in a pretty good spot body wise, though I get a little down when I see people who naturally seem to pull off anything and everything they try wearing/etc. Keep your chin up, and hope you feel better soon!

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      Thank you!
      It's a weird struggle, specially to keep it from getting worse. I just guess I'm put down a lot when the things most people like are what I'll /never/ be. Though I fucking dare a perfect sculpture-esque person to pull off a mug of tea and a sweater as good as me. But thank you, and same to you too

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    But you ARE an adorable cutie smushes face

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      //makes face// Yeah but, I don't feel like it sometimes??? Like.. ptTBTB

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        paps face you really are hugs so tightly <3

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    i know that feel bro
    hooray for multiple fursonas at least v_v

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      Agreed, multiple fursonas and only imagination to limit you