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Though please be patient, it might take me a few days to respond at times as I am easily exhausted and often busy with work and life.

I have a for varied OC's!

My art is NOT free for you to use. Please respect this. I do not want to have to watermark everything if at all possible. If I make it for you, THEN you can with permission but please don't if it's not yours!
Common courtesy, everyone

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Flight Rising
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I need a bit of help, Cheap Commission Deals!!!!

on 26 May 2018 at 16:13:36 MDT

🎠 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🎠

Right now, I am having a huge fucking problem financially because I need to afford rent, insurance, gas and food for this month because the job I applied for and got almost 2 weeks ago STILL is slow for orientation and might not even have me in till after the weekend and !!!! I REALLY NEEDED THAT MONEY. Things were going to be tight even if I got the job early so now I'm really stuck in a bind. If I can at least get my car insurance and have a bit for food/gas I can shove my literal entire paychecks and any extra for rent until I can pay it in full as well as next month's. It's just hard.

Commission prices because of this have dropped, and will be remaining lower for the foreseeable future !

I am offering Mini's as a fun, cheap fullbody option and they are only 15$ or 27$ for two!

Right now I am also limitedly offering 2 guided moodboard design commissions for only 45$ which is almost 50% off !!!!

Any help you can offer at all right now, whether grabbing even a small thing or boosting this, is appreciated SO much I hate sounding so pathetic but I didn't get time before this move to even plan/finance proper due to shitty roomate's abuse and getting back on my feet and in a few goddamn state is kicking my literal ass

My commissions are currently OPEN!!!! Information can be found on my Weebly. My queue can be found here and is actively updated!

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"Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars."

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Headshot, Bust, Fullbody
from $ 10.00
to $ 65.00


from $ 15.00
to $ 30.00


Mini / Chibi
$ 15.00