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I am quiet and a bit shy, but please do not feel intimidated to say a little hello!
Though please be patient, it might take me a few days to respond at times as I am easily exhausted and often busy with work and life.

I have a for varied OC's and a Charahub for TFOC's which I'll update now and again!

My art is NOT free for you to use. Please respect this. I do not want to have to watermark everything if at all possible. If I make it for you, THEN you can with permission but please don't if it's not yours!
Common courtesy, everyone

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What's up with me

on 2 February 2018 at 13:12:26 MST

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Hey so a lot has happened??? And I'll summarize it best I can for everyone...

As you may or may not know/have noticed, I lost not just one, but two very good friends due to having to back down. Our past was just too rickety and unstable and a lot of things are shady and have, after thinking about it properly and maturely, left marks. Ones that frankly disgust and upset me. However I hold no ill will to either of them, and won't say names, because are they bad? Yes and no, but they're not dangerous or to worry about. Just... not as mature as I had hoped and with flaws that really clashed badly with my own mental health. Therefore I made the decision that it'd be healthier for us to go separate ways. Which, ironically, ended in me being lashed at so I guess that just showed me my decision was right and helped. But it means a lot has shifted around and I apologize for that, as I tidy up. Not gonna remove anything of theirs though, because I want to remember the good alongside the bad.

I also have been spending some time with my partner. They came down for New Years and it was honestly really wonderful, and I visited them just last month around my birthday which was the 23rd. But I got really sick, I'm /still/ really sick but well enough to work. Hence sudden silence then flare of activity.

On top of all of this, my roomates and I decided I will be leaving this apartment which means I am currently trying to find a roomate in the tri-state area who would be willing to share a place with me, or somewhere I can afford which as a youngin' who struggles enough, THAT'S NOT FUCKIN' EASY and seems impossible. But I'm still trying because time's running out. Can't be too hard since I don't drink or smoke or anything and my pets are tiny and contained (I'm having to sadly give a few to better homes which hurts but it's necessary hhhh)

Other than that, you probably noticed Komorebi and he's a little healing 'sona for all this and other stuff. Other than that.... there's not much I remember worth sharing. Thanks for continued patience, it means a lot!

My commissions are currently OPEN!!!! Information can be found on my Weebly. My queue can be found here and is actively updated!

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"Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars."

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    Just dropping by again to say....

    I absolutely love your work, and your unique style (I could spot your work in a gallery of a million different pieces), and the fact that you seem to do more experimental pieces...


    You're amazing <3

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      Thank you??? So much??????? You saying this means SO MUCH TO ME you really don't understand. I'm also SO LATE to respond but, I saw this when you first said it and I kept looking at it and feeling so good. You motivate me

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        Hee <3 I feel it's important to let others know that they themselves and what they do is great, AND YOU ARE. I don't think we hear things like that enough so.. i remind you of this ^_^ you're wonderful, your work is wonderful, keep on being your amazing self :3

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          It's true! It's why I often say the same to others, I would do it more-so if I wasn't so busy and scatter-brained at times. But I just, /deeply/ appreciate it from you, and I send lots of good vibes <333

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            I know that feeling! I'm exhausted when I get home. The only time I really get to do art or anything fun is the weekend, and even then it's just recover time >:U

            Awww <3 hee, many many good vibes to you too! offers supreme snack tray

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              Same. With me even my days off are sometimes just exhausting and busy and it's got me kinda rattled around something fierce. Gotta git gud and adapt

              <333!!! //happily takes one

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    I love your work! Keep it up man!