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I am quiet and a bit shy, but please do not feel intimidated to say a little hello!
Though please be patient, it might take me a few days to respond at times as I am easily exhausted and often busy with life.

I have a for varied OC's and a Charahub for TFOC's which I'll update now and again!

My art is NOT free for you to use. Please respect this. I do not want to have to watermark everything if at all possible. If I make it for you, THEN you can with permission but please don't if it's not yours!
Common courtesy, everyone

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What you all wanted, Design Commissions

on 16 August 2017 at 12:24:09 MDT

🎠 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🎠

SO many of you have inquired about them or asked about them for a long time now, but I am horrid with pricing and even now am not entirely sure of what to put it at. So I'm giving this a chance

I'm opening a limited run of design commissions, depending on interest in them. They will be compiled of the following features:
50$ for simple fullbody
75$ for complex fullbody (Multi-limbed, a lot of detail)

10$ for simple detail (Headshot, "pelt", genitalia, ect)
15$ for complex detail

15$-20$ for a chibi of the design along with it

Comes with a free palette as do all designs. I will also save a .sai / .psd for you. I will go back and forth with you in EMAIL, OR I can wing it on my own as a surprise to you. Either or!

I'm also going to be opening special sketch pages tomorrow or the day after so be on the lookout!

My commissions are currently OPEN!!!! Information can be found on my Weebly. My queue can be found here though and is actively updated!

🎠 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🎠

"Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars."

🎠 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🎠

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    -cough- I'm sorry ahead of time for the favorites you're currently getting, I just came back and I haven't been active since 2014

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      Haha it's ok! Thank you for enjoying my art so much, an welcome back <3

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    ^^; Sorry for the favorites avalanche.. Was going through the massive pile up of sub notices! not sorry, I fucking love your work so much Have a lovely day!

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      It's ok! I don't mind at all <3 And god skhgsd you're so sweet..... I hope you do too!

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        field of jade plants appears behind your home