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Mr. Beauxford by demonskunk

Mr. Beauxford


29 May 2015 at 13:48:16 MDT

Mr. Beauxford is an older gentleman (Probably 70+), with a soft heart, and a soft belly. He can't help but be fatherly with anyone younger than him - he's sired enough children that they'll more likely than not remind him of a son or grandson.

He has a taste for good whiskey (Well, many different types of alcohol, really), expensive cigars (and pipes, of course), and younger gentlemen. Something about younger men just gets his tummy grumbling, and sometimes he simply can't help himself but to tuck them into his spacious gut.

Still, even when tucking you away into himself, he's a gentle man, and even when he's not, he loves to grandfather anyone who'll let him - snuggling up to him, offering to cook and make tea, all of the grandfatherly things he did for his own children before they left home.