GUNS GUNS GUNS! (Echo 6) by demonskunk (critique requested)

GUNS GUNS GUNS! (Echo 6) (critique requested)


9 November 2014 at 12:46:49 MST

These are some gun sketches for Echo 6.
I'd go through all of them and what they are, but there are a lot. you can kind of tell what everything is based on it's design though >0>

I REALLY want some feedback for these designs, so if you have anything to say, PLEASE comment!

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    Liking it. I'd say make the barrel of the "Buck" a little longer or, alternately, the stock a little shorter. Seems out of proportion to me. Unless that was your intention of course! Also - No tranquilizer/dart gun? For shame. Unless that Lace Special or the Impala can fire that instead of a normal round. In which case, never mind I guess.

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      Oh, no, the short barrel on buck is intentional, it's one of those weapons that's manly to own, but damn near impossible to fire without hurting yourself.

      I didn't think of a tranq gun actually xD partially because most players and enemies will be robots. Maybe a nanite tranq. Hm.

      There aren't CURRENTLY any special ammunition that do that, but maybe in the future |3

      I'm glad you like though :D

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        Alright I see what you mean. Own a revolver like that myself actually - Bullets are stupid expensive, it's heavy as hell and it has no real purpose besides hunting, but damn if it doesn't look cool.

        As for the Tranquilizer gun, maybe a shock dart instead then. Everything needs darts (for some reason)!

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          xD haha, sounds like a fun gun to own. And I have some ideas - I guess I can also make it a railgun.

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            Anytime someone says railgun I instantly think of Quake 3. Not a bad thought to have. Also - Yes, put a railgun in there!

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    I really like most of these! The only ones I'm iffy about are the ones at the top. I think the FRN would look great bullpup I think. The Thunderbird's barrel is a liiitle thick, could stand to be longer, and the skids and multitude of 45 degree angles on the Impala don't do anything for me. And I'm only talking aesthetically. But all the rest are pretty great. :D

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      It might! but I was looking to evoke a very "M16" or "Ak-47" form factor with it, so I'm gonna keep that one in particular as it is. I may do a bullpup variant though >w>

      The Thunderbird's barrel is actually designed like that intentionally because it's a big, explosive bullet, and it's designed with simplicity in mind, so it doesn't have a lot of gas venting and such - every ounce of that explosive force needs to be contained and driven forward. It's kind of like a hand-held mini-cannon, I guess >0>

      The Impala is inspired heavily by sporting rifles, with the super adjustable butt-plate on the stock, and the skids designed to be rested on a flat surface. It's highly customizable and designed mostly for target shooting in sporting events, so it's design is made to look... sleek?