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Monsters by Demonic-Pokeyfruit



25 August 2014 at 13:52:50 MDT

Before he knew it, there were two soldiers that had cornered him into the wall that his body was resting up against.

"Don't make this more difficult than it has to be, kid." One of them spoke, their voice muffled from the helmets he wore. Hunter stared at the helmets, the red brims glowing a soft red. They were familiar... painfully familiar.

"No..." Fear struck Hunter in his gut. "...monsters... demons..." It was all he could say. He recognized those helmets from when his pack was slaughtered. So many wolves died that day, including his alphas and their children that Hunter watched grow. There was a bellowing anger brewing inside of him, as a lowly growl escaped his mouth, while the lasting image now in his head was how he watched Orn slowly die. He remembered how a leader and his great legacy ended from those human scum.

"Huh...?" The soldier thought hard, and it finally hit him when he heard the growl, and he studied Hunter's eyes. "He's a wolf! A wolf!" He alerted the others, while moving his weapon up to face Hunter to stun him. Knowing that this would do nothing but hurt himself, he needed to act on his emotions. So much anger, rage, and revenge.

Hunter shifted from human to wolf, his large and slender shadow of a body lurching towards the soldier about to shoot him. Teeth immediately latched onto the throat cavity, but due to the reinforced padding protecting the skin, there wasn't much damage done. The soldier acted quickly and threw his arm into Hunter's stomach, forcing the wolf off of him. Hunter moved himself back towards the wall, his face curled up into a snarl and his fangs bared, golden eyes gleaming in the darkness where the sunlight could not reach. The other soldier that had first cornered him became scared from the glare of those eyes, and he took several steps back in cowardice. Several others advanced from their attention to Judai, and all held their guns straight at the wolf's form. Knowing good and well that this might be the end of him, Hunter swung his head back and let out a quick and bellowing low howl, letting his pack know that he was now captured, and he may not return.

Hunter's body then became numb as he felt the force of four stun guns throw his body into the wall. He yelped loudly, his body collapsing to the ground of the concrete. His teeth were still bared, his nostrils flaring as the rage that was still consuming him. "...You'll pay for what you've done. Killing my family!" He managed to speak, before feeling the pressure of a boot on his neck, choking him.

Finished this on and off for about 6 hours. I haven't done that in so long, especially with all this drama happening. Hopefully life will be nice and calm soon.

So this is Hunter facing off Jaguara's troops, something that happened in a rp between me and a few friends. The excerpt from it was up above. Now you guys can see how I write when it comes to rps. It gets intense.

So. Hope you enjoy. I'm tired. >_<

Wolf's Rain (c) Keiko Nobumoto, BONES
Hunter & Art (c) Myself

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