How to Paint Like a Semi-Talented Baby Gorilla by demicoeur

How to Paint Like a Semi-Talented Baby Gorilla


21 February 2013 at 09:06:19 MST

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This is not a tutorial. This is how I do things and there are not only a billion ways to achieve this, but no particularly 'right' way. The general advice from my previous tutorial is much more applicable to just about ANY artist, where as this is specifically a 'how Demi paints her shit' sequence of images with no real technical value.

Can't stress enough how if you don't pay any attention to the fundamentals, this will be utterly useless.

But here it is by popular demand :P The best piece of advice I can give here is not to get discouraged or give up. There were MANY points in this painting where I was ready to throw it out the window. It's not until that fourth screencap that it even begins to look like anything, but those first four screencaps are SO VITAL to my process and I used to try and just skip straight to that fourth bit and it never ever turned out.

I didn't realize it but from the screencaps you can see that I flip and paint it that way for a while and flip again and paint it another way, so that by the end I can't tell which way I originally intended it to be seen.

I wish I could have said something useful about lighting here but I am still an amateur with lighting and probably that would need a specific tutorial of it's own. Just try to always keep in mind where the light is coming from and use the grayscale mode to check and make sure the light isn't random and drop shadows aren't missing.

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    Very very helpful, thankyou!

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    You have some very wonderful, easy to follow advice. Very helpful :) I especially love your advice to flip your sketches.

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    I was curious to if you used that same brush to draw with. This is an interesting way of doing things.