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Spinos V2 by delusionalpuffball

Spinos V2



Decided to try to redo my old spino and make a more accurate one since it was bothering me lol, and also made 2 other variants to add to my adopts account as bases/templates.
Top one is a more normal one, bottom is a frilly spino, and bottom is an armored/dergifiedish spino :veryhappy: I thought about adding on horns on the bottom one, but ended up not going through with it.

Will be adding it onto my adopts account and gumroad soon.

Old spino:


Spino v2

Frilled Spino

Dergified Spino

on DeviantART:


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    They progressively got harder armor scales and spines! XD

    Very nice! :)

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      Sure did! I thought about even scaling one like a fish, but my hand begged me not to lolol xD
      Thank you~ <3

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        It's probably best to listen to your drawing hand! XD

        You're most welcome! :D