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Xmas Gift - Dusk and Lamp by delusionalpuffball

Xmas Gift - Dusk and Lamp


Xmas gift for Gwilly Crochet @ DA. I can finally post them xD I had some card idea (forgot the name lol) for the gift, but the printers in our house are demonically possessed. I only got one printed and it came out darker than intended, ah well xD

Dusk and lamp belong to Gwilly Crochet @ DA

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    Printers tend to "darken" or "lighten" artwork, I notice--unless you've got a super-professional printer with high-end ink and all, it never is "accurate colors". This does look like it would make a really neat card deck concept--I almost wonder if you could find an independent printing service that COULD make playing cards from your artwork? hmmm

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      Yeah, I didn't think about printing it until it was finished and wasn't sure on how to edit it to get the colors to show properly.
      Thank you!
      And a coworker of mine also suggested a deck of cards, but he was referring to my toned paper inktober pieces but with animals. Might be easier to do vs colored pieces, I think. Just need free time someday to do them xD

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        I would certainly buy that card deck! :D

        You're most welcome! :)