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Amphithere (Lines) by delusionalpuffball

Amphithere (Lines)


31 October 2020 at 19:40:48 MDT

Finished lineart of a derg noodle I originally doodled at my uncle's house a while back. I've never done an Amphithere/winged serpent before. Also I got in a fight with it's wings since feathered wings are a curse lol xD

Design done by me :D

on DeviantART here:

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    This must’ve taken a long time with the intricate horns, spines and wings! Great work! :D

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      it took me a good while to finish it, but mostly because I did it traditionally first and finally got the nerve to finish it lol xD

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        At least you DID finish it and didn't throw it in a folder to disappear for a couple years! XD

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          though I have a lot of those...Someday I'll finish them lol xD

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            I have one of those. I have stuff dating back to 2015 (which is pretty much when I got a tablet and started doing digital coloring) in it. They may get colored one day! XD

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              We'll get to them......................eventually lol xD
              Or I'd delete them to avoid it and give myself peace of mind.....sometimes xD

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                Yeah..........that's happened. I've looked at some things and moved them from a "to do" folder to "finished", because I don't want to look at them to-do anymore. XD

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                  omg, you have a "To Do" folder as well?
                  And same with that or I'd move them into another folder and forget it exists for a while until I decide to sort through folders and be all: wait, what is this" xD

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                    It got to a point where I'm seeing 2015 on the artwork and I'm like--gosh, 5+ years and I've never done a darn thing with this..........but keep drawing new things. XD One of my friends always asks "how much is in your To Do folder NOW?" XD

                    And part of that was imported from my previous laptop, too. I only know dates, because all my handdrawn stuff has my initials and year on them (which, when I color them digitally, I cover that with my watermark). I keep stylizing the year numbers and don't want 2022 to come, because I don't know how I'll do this--21 currently looks like the mark for Saturn, that kinda looks like a weird "4". XD It was easily to stylize numbers with a 1 in them.....2023 might look good though. XD