Striped Dragon by delusionalpuffball

Striped Dragon


12 September 2020 at 01:22:50 MDT


Have another random colored derg. Dang smoke from all fires going on out here are giving me bad headaches and slowin' my art spree down xD
I was originally thinking of doing a palette of reds, but decided this blue looked a lot better. Also I'm a sucker for bioluminescence, I love me some glowy bois. I'D ADD IT ON EVERYTHING IF I COULD.
I also really like the pinstriped pattern.

This design is for sale over on my adopts account here:

Derg palette done by me :D

on DeviantART here:

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    Love how those glowy-bits go all the way through the tail! :D

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      Thats also my personal fave thing about this piece, next to the striped tail lol xD Not sure if you can see it, but it was more visible on my tablet. I didn't double check colors on a different monitor, whoops xD

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        I only noticed how awesome it was! XD

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          Aw thank you~ lol xD
          I keep doing it, I will never learn lol xD

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            You’re most welcome! :)

            You’ll learn, someday! XD

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              Hopefully one day! lol xD
              Also sorry for such late replies, I tend to forget I have a weasyl a lot asdfgh

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                No worries! :D

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                  The curse of having a lot of platforms lol xD

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                    I don't have home internet--so, I kinda have to wade through a lot of art and comments some days either on my breaks at work or on my tiny phone screen! XD I'll probably be looking at your new art later after I try to get these comments done on my lunch break! XD