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Dragon Doodle by delusionalpuffball

Dragon Doodle


4 September 2020 at 22:37:44 MDT

This past week I've been trying to finish a doodle while working in between commissions to keep them art juices flowing.

I wasn't sure what to title this one, but I really love how the sketch turned out.

On DeviantART here:

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    The part I like on this dragon are the wings--where there's that longer sail piece at the connection to the body, that goes along the tail! :)

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      Thank you! <3
      I just made a colored version that I feel mades the wings pop a lil bit more xD

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        You're very welcome! :D

        I can definitely see how color will make it stand out more! :D It's funny, because I just looked through a "how to draw" book and the one artist had a section about making transparent-like wings "like a bat" and when I looked at a book of bats at the Library, I never realized there were so many bat types with very translucent wings!

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          Excellent~ <3
          Ah I should get a book on bats. I need to work on my wing anatomy for the fingers xD

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            It might give you some new ideas for dragon designs, you never know! :D

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              That is very true. Onto Amazon I go lol xD

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                Or check out your local Library if you don’t wanna buy! XD

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                  Ooo that is very true!
                  I wonder how theyre handling the books with Corona though xD

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                    Many might be doing it differently. The one I work at......we ask people not to put back books they touch (put them on a nearby cart and we collect them at the end of the day), then they get isolated for 7 days. We don’t let anyone return things to the desk, we ask them to put everything in our drive up book and media drops—then we isolate those bins for 7 days. We use gloves and disinfect always. :)

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                      Ooo thats pretty awesome. xD I wish ours was open, but it's still closed sadly. Wish it were open so I have a quiet place to work xD

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                        Yeah. We've kinda been pushing it lately, because there are a LOT of local students whose schools are closing to "in school" attendance and going straight to online--but not everyone has internet at home around here. We have a lot of parents and students in every day just to do their online schooling.

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                          Aaand we're going back into lockdown so no library for me lol xD
                          Yeah, theres a lot of kids who don't even have a computer to work on.

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                            Yeah. My state decided to close things down again for the couple weeks around Thanksgiving. At least we were able to open a small, limited computer lab in our lobby and we can do curbside delivery service, but the interior of our building is closed to the public for a few weeks now.

                            They did increase the wi-fi strength so that you can access it from the parking lot now. Some people have been parking all day and doing that. Schools did close up again and went straight to online through the end of the year now.

                            I hope we can get through this soon. It’s definitely hard on lots of people. :(

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                              We're in lockdown again. Craziness going on. My friend really wants to go to a library for some peace and quiet, but ours hasn't opened at all.
                              I dont think ours is doing curbside xD
                              Oh man, I wish they would just increase our wifi in our city. It's atrocious and always going down, and our city peeps are old and refuse to allow Verizon or internet providers to add in the fiber optics and such.

                              Yeah, and financially beating me up. I can only work so fast on commissions and adopts lol xD

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                                I have a feeling this will be life for most of us for months yet. Even with the vaccine starting to be distributed--most common people like me (and probably you, too) won't even be able to get it until the summer. Nothing will go "back to normal" in any way until most people have been vaccinated.

                                We're still doing curbside services and online children's programs and some Zoom programs for adults. But we do have a number of people who park outside in our parking lot to use the wi-fi, since they strengthened the signals. It's nice, but the Library wi-fi is finicky and you usually have to keep "logging in" (clicking the agreement screen) every 2-3 hours. wry laugh

                                It is sad how so many things assume EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG must have internet by now. I feel bad that people are expected and required to have internet to do "their life" right now........and they simply can't, because services aren't readily available to them.

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                                  Yeah. So far my mom was able to get the first vaccine due to her being my sister's conservator and taking care of her 24/7. I personally think it's a bit rushed and like to see more results with the vaccine, so I don't mind waiting longer for it. Fun fun xD

                                  Oh man. I'd go nuts...then again, my internet at home is evil and slow, and a lot of times decides it doesn't want to work. We do live right next to a scrap metal yard, so that may have something to do with it...but our area's always been a bit of a dead zone. Our city refuses to let Verizon come in and add in Fiber Optic stuff or whatever. Old city officials xD

                                  If we must have it, then it better be provided to us for free, I'd say lol xD
                                  Exactly, not everyone has that luxury. I have terrible internet, and there are people who can't afford internet and go to cafes or the library and such. Just sad xD

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                                    We just got notice from my employers that we can "sign up" for vaccinations, but given how many people work for the city........I'm sure there will be a waiting list with how long it'll be. I'm not even going to think I'll have it within the next few months, but if I do--all great and happy times, I guess. XD

                                    I hear you. My apartment complex has their own wi-fi and technology systems that interfere with personal technology. It's sad that at home is the place where I have the worst connection with my phone (it's usually only 1-2 bars at home--3-4 anywhere else in the city).

                                    C'mon, free internet for all or don't make everyone rely on it for everything.......! chuckle