2015 Commission Guide by delusionalpuffball

2015 Commission Guide


22 August 2015 at 18:54:32 MDT

Terms and Conditions

New commission sheet :D

If you are interested in a Commission, please read the Terms of Service below:


1) The Artist has the right to refuse any Commission request, without needing to explain the reason.

2) Poor communication, rude/inappropriate or aggressive behavior or a breach of the rules by the Client will result with the commission being canceled.

3) The Client may not edit, alter, or trace the Commission without the Artist’s expressed, written permission, unless agreed upon prior to ordering.

4) The Artist reserves the right to cancel a commission due to personal reasons prior to starting and will refund the Client 100%.

5) Basic communication skills in English are required to ensure that the requested commission can be described in proper detail by the Client.

6) If the Commission is for Commercial Purposes, the Artist must be informed prior to starting, and will result in the price increasing by at least double the stated price.

7) The Artist holds all rights to the finished product. The Client is purchasing the Artist’s labor only, unless discussed beforehand for commercial use.

~Do's and Dont's~


-Portraits (good, clear reference photos required)

Not Accepted:

-Anything other than animals or people
-Hateful Work
-Other things the Artist might be uncomfortable with.

Tools used

-Graphics tablet, Traditional Media (graphite, charcoal, pastels, watercolors, ink, mixed, Strathmore toned tanned paper)

Programs Used
-Adobe Photoshop CS3, Paint Tool SAI


No refund will be issued to the Client after commission is in progress.

Payment: The Artist requires half payment up front before commission is started.
Currency: All prices are in U.S. dollars (USD). The Client is responsible for providing the correct amount, equal to the USD amount. Please visit XE.com for accurate currency conversions.
Method: Payment must be made via PayPal, and addressed to s_wade_com@yahoo.com.

How to send money via PayPal:


-In the payment please select Service and not gift, please.
*Please add in your username and commission ordered in a short note sending the money

Cancellation: If the Client wishes to cancel the commission after paying but the commission is not in progress, the Client will be refunded 100%.
Edits: Major edits will be done only in the sketching stage. After sketch approval, major changes may cost more.


Any commission under $35 will require full payment before it is started. For $35+ commissions, half payment up front is required.

A full rough/preliminary sketch will be presented.

Once approved, the rest of payment must be paid via PayPal through the address of s_wade_com[at]yahoo.com ($35 + commissions).

Once the commission is finished, a full resolution of the drawing will be given to the customer.

Backgrounds are extra if requested. Price depends on complexity.

Estimated Waiting Time:
A week to 3 months, depending on complexity of requested commission, and commission type.

Finished Product

For digital work, the client will receive the finished commission at full high resolution and will be provided via email or DeviantART Sta.sh; For traditional work, the client will receive the full resolution scan or photo. Traditional originals may be shipped at an additional charge if requested. The Client is responsible for all shipment costs.

Pieces are allowed to be uploaded to other websites or gallery as long as credit is given.

You do no claim the artwork as your own upon completion (online, offline, or for personal business purposes)

To Order
*If interested, please send an email to: s_wade_com or pm/note me on here.

One reference, or a detailed paragraph of desired commission is required. Visit the gallery to view examples of work that may best fit the commission desired.

By ordering a commission, the Client has read the information and agrees to all the rules stated above.

Submission Information

Visual / Other