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Innocent Sorrow 2


13 December 2015 at 16:22:47 MST

Okay, this one is a bit longer then the first, But hope you enjoy all the same.And the awesome art made!

Like to thank Pulex. who always know how to bring best outta each character I give him! if you aren't watching, please do!

OK here we go!

Set in a modern time, it all begins with animals who have evolved and are becoming more involved within the human race. Some speaking various languages walking upon two feet from all over. It’s not known yet how this came to be it frightened many of the vast change, constant riots broke out endless destruction angered civilians, cursing these animals. "They should not have the same rights as humans."

From the beginning, certain governments and higher ups agreed that to compare a person and an animal cannot be fair... this then lead to vast relocation of animals feral and anthropomorphic alike to one location to work their way up to even be considered a "member of society." word began to spread quickly of how these detained animals were being treated, and there living conditions, some people started to protest there were animals in there that had families with humans and treated as if It doesn't matter anymore. "Why treat them like this? They live, breath, talk and walk just like any of us."

Earlier generations were treated not as equals but as savage animals who knows only to eat scrapes given ...war is coming

The Story

This is the story of three worlds coming together as one.

In this cruel world of poverty there are some anthromorphics who tries to become one with society, some using any means necessary to survive. Starting in a secret underground fight area where animals square off against each other for money, over the hundreds that fight only a few actually stand out from the brutality that emerges there. One of them, a northern grey squirrel standing tall six feet in the area he's known as a king from the many who fall to one knee facing him.

In a break room, the squirrel takes a moment to collect himself, counting his earnings of today's match. Dissatisfied of what he received, He lets out a big sigh "this isn’t enough." he spoke. With a baggy hoodie on the tired squirrel proceeds to leave the fighting arena, feeling the cold night air pressed against him, ignoring what comes his way. With hours passing, he makes it to a little home, this home was out of date, vegetation grew upon the house heavily, weeds and flowers covered the lawn everywhere. As he walked in, he turns into a room quietly peaking in on a cub who shivers as he sleeps. Approaching him, he places covers over the cub clearing a bit of space, he sits on the floor watching the cub rest placing his paws in the pockets of his hoody his eyes slowly closed as he prepared to sleep.

6 a.m. The squirrel’s phone alarm rings on his paw inside his pocket. Slightly startled, it wakes him up to this new day. The cub still asleep, he prepares him for the day ahead. He set out a uniform, takes a big yawn, and wakes up the cub. "Hey… its time." the squirrel spoke, tapping him softly. The rat emerged from his sleep. Messy hair, murmuring a bit "mmmm morning tonto." Tonto greets the young cub "hey, it’s time for school kid." The rat suddenly jumps from the bed full of energy, excited, He runs out the room quickly putting on the uniform. “I can’t believe I’m actually going to a school!" the young rodent shouted. sitting in a small kitchen, grabbing a box of cereal and bowl, the rat ate quickly eagerly wanting to head out the door, he looks at tonto noticing bandages around his muzzle. "What happened to your face? “The squirrel replies quickly to avoid the cub from asking more questions. “Work accident. Now hurry up and eat, or you are going to be late." the young cub laughs, as he makes a heroic pose. “Hahaha heroes are never late!" the cub Runs out the door.

"Kai Hold on!" tonto stops the cub for a moment. "Remember what I said when someone’s pic..." The cub interrupts him.” I'll be fine. You worry too much! “Cracking a big smile on his face, he shouts excitedly. “Now, off to school!!" the leaving the squirrel with a worried look on his face. Closing the door the squirrel Rest upon the bed arms behind his head, he flashes backing the moment kai asked could he attend school.
Tonto and Kai are both outside behind the little home, Kai sits watching tonto train his body. Pushups, sit ups, pull-ups on a tree branch In formation, the squirrel punches and kick the air, taking breaths in between.”… I don’t think that’s good idea…” he spoke panting slightly. Kai pleaded repeatedly.” Please! Can you get me into school? I always wanted to go and see what people do there!”

Tonto sees the rat has been pressing this more and more, the squirrel would notice kai sneak out his room time to time, and from a distance see human children play at a nearby school. Tonto could only sigh, He knew that this moment wouldn’t escape, when something gets in this cubs mind it was hard to avoid it. “Kai... humans haven’t completely accepted us yet, I think its best if I keep teaching you, it’s safer. “Kai kept positive. Muzzle held high, he continued.” But that can’t mean there all bad, you…you just haven’t met a nice one yet! I figured…I gotta learn what’s out there sooner or later right?” The squirrel harsh experiences of only left him on the fence, but hearing the young rodent, he smiled a bit as those words sounded familiar.

“Alright kid, I give. You want to go to school? I’ll see what I can do.” Kai shouts and squeaks excitedly. “but.” Tonto said. “I need you to defend yourself if you are in trouble, understand?” the cub hesitates a moment then responds and nods. “I..I can totally do that!” tonto still felt some doubt, but he could only think kais words spoke truth, maybe it’s best for him to experience things like this. “Alright kid bed time.” The rat frowns. “AWW what? The sun isn’t even down yet.”
Flashback End:
It took a long amount of years for the school board and government to accept animals into schools. As they felt an animal’s nature could be unpredictable, some even had to go through a series of test to be sure no one will feel in danger.

Kai K. Delsin. A rat who has no memories of where he came from or who he lived with before. Tonto found him dirty and beaten all over and he doesnt even remember that. As he was told that by tonto the young rat is grateful to him since Then. Giving him clothes and to feed him, it’s something he hopes to repay tenfold one day, 12 going on 13 soon he starts middle school happily whistling he can barely contain himself. He thinks to himself "I wonder if I went to school before living with tonto.....doesn’t matter now whooo school!!" arriving at the school, the name stood out in front of the building Stein Willows Middle School. It was large with so many children surrounding the building, one of many entering the school he quietly took it all in viewing everything as kids and parents stared at him, as some never seen an anthro before let alone a rat.

A girl spoke to her mother." but mom we just got here, I wanna stay. “The stubborn mother, starts pulling the girl in a vehicle." not until they rid of the stench from this place" she spoke harshly staring directly at kai. Though he didn't really notice, Kai was the first to enter a classroom the teacher right behind bumping into him."oh excu... oh hello there, you must be kai." smile on the rat's face. "Yup! But.. How’d you know?" The teacher smiles. "I know of all my new arrivals." Kai smiles goofy, scratching his head. "hehe, im honored. " The teacher walks to her desk. “we’ll have seat class will be starting soon." The number of students begin to build, the bell rung to begin the start of class, children noticed the distracted kai some tried to keep their distance as if there was a Oder coming from him as others simply couldn't stop staring.

"Evening class. For those who don't know my name is Judy smith, please call me Ms. Smith." she continued introducing herself where she's from, hobbies, and told one person at a time to introduce there self. kai's turn came up he stood up and said his name, then his hobby “ being a her..." he was interrupted by someone behind him they replied "eating garbage." the class started laughing, Ms. Smith silences the students, and told kai to continue with an embarrassed look on his face. " not sure where I.. “Another student from the back replies with a fake sneeze murmuring words under their breath.”achoo! In the sewers." the students once again started laughing.

"One more outburst I’m sending you and whoever else to detention, I won’t say this again! “The class stood in silence. After class, kai was harassed, objects thrown at him called names, and even some teachers watched him get harassed but didn't make a move against it. Even with all this happening he still smiled throughout the day. The final bell rings for the end of school, kai walks toward his locker to see writing on it that said found your lunch. Opening the locker piles of garbage comes falling out. without saying a word he grabs what he needs and walks away.

In the distance, a boy who sees it all idly view but doesn't take action. The boy went outside he saw kai being picked on by four older kids. They took his things, pushed him to the floor along with his books and coat. One of the bully’s laughing, boasting. “My dad told me you’re making our life worse bottom feeder, learn your place." The group proceeded laugh as they walked away. The boy approaches kai. "Are you okay?" He asked, kai stares into the cold afternoon sky looks at the boy.”Yup" he replied with a smile on his face. "um..saw what happened, and if you ever need a book you could use mine." The boy points the book out to kai. "Thank you. “The young rat continued to smile. "The names kai by the way what’s yours?” the boy looks a bit nervous as he answered. "C..Cairo. " kai flips up to his feet, placing his paw out with such a upbeat look on his face "It’s nice to meet you" cairo slowly extended his hand out then connected, kai shakes it childishly up and down.

Cairo smiled a bit by his goofiness. “I guess...I will see you around" Kai squeaks happily. "Yeah!..I mean..that's cool." Cairo gives him a weird awkward look and replies "right.." As kai runs off waving his paw goodbye, Cairo starts to walk away in another direction. A dark car pulls up towards cairo, He sweats a little the as the car window rolled down from the back. A man calls his name, he stop's walking as he recognized the voice asking. "Is it done?" Cairo doesn't look the way the voice is coming from, he replies "yes…" as the man spoke, smoke escapes the car, His voice was rough. "Good. I’d hate for you to disappoint me.." Agitation built in the boy, as the man said that, His hand shook. " I..W..Won’t “the man taps the car door to signal the driver off. " get home.” the freighted child shook his head.“ yes sir." Cairo responded, the man’s car drove off, the worried look upon his face turned to sadness, ignoring the freezing winds he walks home.

As Kai walks home cold swirls around him, he presses his paws against his arms "ahhh why is it sooo coooold!?" He thought. "kai?..." His name was called out. He turns towards the call with a studder in his voice. " s..ssmith?" Smith was in a car passing by as she noticed kai."where's your coat? “She asked with concern. " I..I Lost It." she lets out a sigh, opening the passenger car door. " You can catch your death out here, come on ge..." before she can finish the sentence he was already in closing the door shuddering, concerned still, she drives off. Silent for a few minutes a woman on the radio had played, telling of the troubles animals had. "three young deers were hunted and killed by hunters who felt they were in there right as it was hunting season leaving a mother in tears to take action against..."

Smith turned off the radio. While kai stood silent. “Are you ok" smith asked, seeing the chipper rat, looked kind of…down. "I'm okay...just tired is all." The cub looks out the window, smith glances at the cub. "You can tell me if there's anything wrong ...bullying, homework. Or just...”Kai only nodded, looking out the window. "where here" kai responded she stops the car, looking at the home its was a decent kept up to par home, fresh cut lawn decorations around the household, Kai gets out of the car turns and smiles big at smith. “Thank you for the ride Ms. Smith. “She smiled,waviing. “I..It’s no trouble.. Please remember what I said."Kai head nods "yes mam!"Smith continued to smile as she drove away. Kai takes a moment to wait till she left and proceeded to walk past the house. Ten minutes passed, he made it to the small home weeds and vegetation everywhere. Kai walks in the house and sees tonto. “Hey Tonto." Quickly moving so that he won’t see him completely. "Where’s is your coat?" tonto asked. Kai stops walking, his head steers away looking a tonto. "I"

The squirrel sighs a bit. "Someone took it didn't they?" kai did not respond hesitant to say anything, Even after tonto sum it up with no response from him. He walks towards kai gets on one knee looks at his face, arm, chest "well.. you don't look hurt anywhere." The rodent spoke forward, assuming the squirrel’s next response. "I.Im fine please dont take me out of school!" kai begged, tonto scratches his head looks another way “The only reason I didn't want you going to a school because I knew something like this would happen. Did you fight back?" Kai's eyes ears folded down looking at the floor. “I don't like fighting, there has to be another way. Please don't I learned so much today." looking at kai he places his paw on his head "look kid. I don't want you hurt. “Tonto Continues to starch his head for his decision. “I’m not taking you out relax, just promise me defend yourself or I will settle this ok?"

Kai could only smile as he hugged tonto with no warning. "Thank you." the squirrel felt of guard. "whoa..yeah yeah, no need for any hugs." The squirrel awkwardly patting his back,Kai chuckled as seeing tonto feeling uncomfortable. A loud grumble came from both stomachs. “um..Guess we are hungry. “The cub pointed out, tonto searches for food, only to find an apple. “Uhm.. heres apple.“Tonto tosses Kai the apple. “I’ll get more food tomorrow sorry kid. “Kai glared at the apple, then looked at tonto.” I'll be fine kid you just...”a loud crunch came from the apple, extending his arm out, Kai passes tonto a part of the apple with a upbeat smile on his face. " uhm...thanks kid. “the grey squirrel smiled a little grabbing part of the apple biting it, he could only wish the next day will be better for him..

ARRGH! I wanted to show cairo, but I gotta wait! :"D but anyway.
To those who viewed in thank you!

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