Bunny by deliciousatomic



14 February 2019 at 12:39:45 MST

We are working on a new piece! We took liking to drawing chibis and we would like to do more chibi anthros. If anyone has ideas for animals we could try, write it in the comments! ;) We might pick a few we like.
~ Delicious Atomic trio

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    Ahh such a cute bunny! The dress is really nice looking in particular, I love the color scheme. Pink is a hard color, but it's managed very well here, great work! I'm sure anything else you three do will be lovely, but I'd be interested in seeing a bat from you personally. I bet it would be adorable! I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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      Thank you so much, we are really glad you like it! Such a nice comment is very encouraging, especially that we are just starting our collaborations. We love the idea of a bat and we will definitely consider it! We are making a goat boy chibi right now, but after it's finished we would love to make a bat!

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        (Cheers) goats are great, love goats, I'm sure it will be the cutest goat. Starting new things is sort of nerve wracking, but I think you have nothing to worry about. And if the bat doesn't happen I'm not particularly bothered; I'm happiest looking at whatever an artist/team of artists is happiest drawing. I think things end up livelier that way. Many good wishes to your future pursuits!