Dragon in the Dark by Dekafox

Dragon in the Dark

Darkness covers the land

Like a blanket, thick and warm

Lulling creatures to sleep

while other beings stir.

A lone dragon peeks out

From his dark cave

Belly full from the hunt

Yet his day's incomplete.

A tilt of the head

A sniff of the air

He searches for something

But nothing is there.

A plaintive rawr

He listens once more

But only echoes come back

From uncaring stone walls

From darkness to darkness

He returns to his den

Curling up on his bed

Nose resting on tail

Though still the same size

His lair feels too big

While nothing is missing

Something still lacks

Tomorrow he'll fly

Ride the winds and the clouds

But there'll still be no answer

To his nighttime call

A dragon is tough

Self-sufficient, and proud

But under the cover of night

Even dragons can yearn.

Dragon in the Dark


20 December 2013 at 18:25:10 MST

A poem I wrote a few years ago. Can't remember what prompted it other than I must have been feeling particularly lonely that day.

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