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Torque the lombax... by Deezlberries

Torque the lombax...


I was very pleased with how the suit turned out.

The design was made using computer visualisation, as normal ( ).

I really love working that way as it allows me really familiarise myself with the shape of the character. I certainly would of made the head smaller, had I been doing it by eye, and as a result the character would of ended up subtlety out of proportion.

So what to say about this critter? The Fur is mendels punky muppet, which I'm really growing to love. Its a great soft fur that shaves down nicely if needed. The ears are articulated to bounce around with head movements, and their both on a quick release clip, so they can be removed for transport. The tail is tensioned rubber again, for bounce. Im particularly happy with the eyes - The whole iris and white of the eye is mesh, through which you can see. The visibility is great in this suit, you can see in your periphery.

You can see the suit moving around in our messy kitchen here -

Thanks to Wruf for shaking his tail in the video, thanks to Kyreeth for taking the photo and thanks of course to Senneca for commissioning me!

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