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DCrest Fox: Too Much? by Forge by dcrest13

DCrest Fox: Too Much? by Forge


If I had to be one thing for the rest of my life, it'd be a Kangaroo. But I'm human.

The great thing about transformation stuff is that you can be whatever.

Turned the most popular species out there probably, too big and I'm either not enjoying the change, or I'm enjoying the change...

You decide.

Artwork by Forge Forge

Colors by and DCrest (c) Dcrest13 Dcrest13

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Visual / Digital


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    Oh my~ is there more to the pic?

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      Nope! Its all in there.

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        Well it looks fantastic then

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    That's just about the perfect, pouty lip...

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    I'm just going to curl up right there on his belly.... His big, broad, muscle-bound belly.... murrrrr

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    Bee stings: one hell of a drug

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    You guys are going so over the top with the lips, I adore it.

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    I know this might be nuts but I wonder if you can push those lips more and more. So handsome and gorgeous, I can't get enough!

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    Too big? What's that? :o It's pretty great tos ee normally "smaller" species get beefed up!

    Also, you did a fantastic job coloring this! There is a good sense of dimension and deoth with the shading, and the hair is pretty dangs lick. The only thing I would say, if you're looking for any feeback, is that the pubic/crotch fur looks abut... flat? The texture on it doesn't quite give it the depth and "realism" (toony as this pic is) that the rest of the artwork has. Beyond that, this is really something else! blush