new suit for Lana by DBLinda

new suit for Lana


14 March 2017 at 08:28:52 MDT

After repeated captures, transformations and cruel torments at the hands of deviant lesbian monsters a trip to France seems the perfect escape for our wild west bounty hunters. But the girls have no money and are forced to enter a wrestling match to earn some because they have a new target a deviant noblewoman who has wronged many and must pay for her crimes.

But this is no mere noble for this woman is a sexual sadist who warned of the girls coming is determined to trap them back in chains and keep them there forever. Worse she has mastered a strange new substance called "rubber" which can contain and torment a slave in ways never before seen...

Will our heroines win the day or will they once again be subject to the deviant torments of a vile sadist find out in....BOUNDY HUNTER 8!

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