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im cammeron david and Boy Howdy I Love Food



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hello hello

my apologies for the extended impromptu hiatus...didnt intend to do that, life kind of took over for the past few months and i forgot about weasyl up until now.

im going to make more of an effort to use it, so expect some new works to come in the future.

ill be clearing out my gallery of at least some submissions, again apologies for that, but associations within the work are making me uncomfortable.

hope youre all doing well!

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    love it!

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      ahhh tyvm!!! <3w<3

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    oh gosh thanks for following me, your art is totally rad, guuhuhuhuh. ouo

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      dsjfkkd omg thank u!!! u//w//u im r glad yall think so waah (and np!! i r like your stuff sooo :#3)

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    wOW HI thanks for following Q///Q jfc your art dfgfsa hnng

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      no prob im excited to see more stuff from ya!!

      and dsfkjsdkjf aaaaa thanku!!! im r flattered om g

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    oHHHHHHHHHHHHH really Great art !!!

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      ( ♥ ∀ ♥ ) !!! omg thank you!!!