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Celebrating 'First Silicon' by DataPacRat

Celebrating 'First Silicon'


18 January 2013 at 17:19:25 MST

Dee and some of the other members of the Bayesian Nakama are celebrating the construction of the first full-fledged computer built entirely out of local, asteroidal resources and processes. The chip design they're using, the 6502, is roughly a century old - but its 3510 transistors can all be laid out manually, and then the design shrank through the best analog photolithography techniques they've been able to figure out so far. A CPU working at a single megahertz may not seem like much - but it's better than the spyware-laden hardware from Earth, or the massively expensive chips manufactured on and imported from Luna, or nothing at all. And now that they've achieved this, they've made a real stride towards bootstrapping themselves to complete technological independence.

From left to right: Zot (anteater), Dee (rat in taur prosthetic), Bongo (wolf), Quux (goat), Bar (donkey).

Drawn by Seth Triggs ( ).