Balloon Oops by DataPacRat

Balloon Oops


1 March 2014 at 09:44:31 MST

Dee is learning how to repair aerostats in a gas giant's atmosphere.

... She's still got a lot of learning to do.

Sketched by the ever-sketchin' blue-penciled Roman Jones ( )

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    I suggest magnetized limbs! That way you can't drop things.

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    A teensy bit of further background:

    Dee isn't a /complete/ idiot; she had a plan to hold onto any tools she lost. It didn't use tethers or magnets - instead, it used "gecko-tech", aka "geck" or "geck-tape". (A piece of geck is made up of flat strips, covered in microscopically fine hairs with spade-like tips. When one current is run through a piece of geck, the hairs all line up, and it becomes extremely adhesive; when the opposite current is run through, they release. Each square centimeter can support over a hundred pounds of force - that's about 50 kg in 1 gravity. Geck can replace clothes fasteners, nails, screws, duct-tape, air-mask seals, suction cups, and velcro. It costs about 65 New Attican Bucks per square meter.)

    Her main flub was to not anticipate the interaction of two facts:

    • Geck is controlled by electrical charges.
    • An aerostat isn't grounded, and has little way of getting rid of any static charge that builds up...
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    minutes later on the ground BADUMM! .... Ouch! @.@

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      "Ground? What ground? Jupiter doesn't have any ground..."

      Okay, so this particular picture was taken during a training exercise rather than while actually in a gas giant's atmosphere, but it's the principle of the thing... :)

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        Hahaha yeah, well, then i was on a airship right under your Balloon XD