Dr. Dee in Kilt by DataPacRat

Dr. Dee in Kilt


10 January 2014 at 11:33:28 MST

Drawn by Johann Karpp, aka Cervelet ( http://cervelet.deviantart.com/ ).

Formal dress for a taur in a bipedal world is always a challenge. Dee has decided to solve that problem by drawing on her Scottish heritage - plus a bit of creative adaptation thrown in.

The fact that the formal rig for a kilt includes at least two knives doesn't hurt, either, given that she's about to go hobnobbing with people who've already tried to assassinate her more than a few times.

For those of you keeping track, these pictures do, indeed, take place after the ones where she's a brain in a jar. How she regains her body, and how she ends up in a position to sign an international treaty when US-land has previously refused to recognize Eichsfeldia as a sovereign state... are mysteries which I hope to answer in a future sequence. :)

(Dr. Deanna DiDi Dee doesn't have an MD or even a PhD - she has an DEng, a Doctorate of Engineering, in Computer Networking; which she received from SCULE: the Satellite Campus of the University of Luna at Eichsfeldia.)


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    Oooh now there's a challenge to my 'taur jeans if ever there was one! I love this concept! Excellent idea, and nice to see it in several poses on you there. Awesome! We clothes wearing 'taurs must stick together. ;>