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Exascale 4/6 - Handy by DataPacRat

Exascale 4/6 - Handy


5 March 2019 at 20:33:03 MST

With time and ubiquity comes the importance of long-term, consistent branding. (For example, sticking to a single model of avatar when in public, at least as closely as any corporation sticks to its logo.) If you plan on living until 10,000 AD and beyond (or, at least, having at least one copy of yourself continuing to pursue the fulfilment of your values for that long - or whatever the newest philosophers have come up with by then that's more faithful to reality than any current ideas), then being somebody who's not only reliable and trustworthy, but who everyone /knows/ is reliably and trustworthy, is an important tactic. Given how hard it is for a computer program (such as an em) to tell if they're interacting with reality or are being tested in a simulated environment, the one sure way to demonstrate one's values is to stick to them, even in the most extreme situation.

Or in the most minor.