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Microgee Square by DataPacRat

Microgee Square


21 February 2013 at 09:27:35 MST

Drawn by Seth Triggs ( ).

In the asteroid (442) Eichsfeldia lies the town of Oakfield; where the average gravity is a mere 2% that of Earth's. While the colonists use the Grav'y Train for anything that can't do without gravity (or a reasonable simulation thereof), they can't live their lives in a train... so they dig tunnels, and build things, and try things out, and generally live their lives.

Put another way, a fur who weighs 200 pounds on Earth weighs a mere 4 pounds in Oakfield... which opens all sorts of possibilities. Some of what can be seen in the picture are:

* Non-winged furs strapping on seemingly impossibly tiny wings, which actually work. Or even just a propeller beanie.

* A giggling child dangling by his wrist from a balloon

* Structures built, instead of from the ground up, from the ceiling down, or the walls sideways

* Ropes/cords going from seemingly random points to other random points.

* Self-propelled nets (eg, with a thruster on each corner) to collect anyone who's started falling from too high

* A mid-air cafe

* A flying train. Just because, well, it's possible, so why not?

* A sculpture/fountain made mainly of a blob of water and a bunch of hair dryers keeping it airborne

* A fad for robotic but realistic-looking shoulder-pets, including winged serpents

* For the ladies - the pleasures of not having to worry about sagging

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    Ah, now that would be a lot of fun. The propeller beanie sounds (and looks) like a lot fun to do there.

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    The cafe looks so cute and this is all such a good idea uwu