On the job by Darkwolf-Tehjesterwolfie

On the job


24 February 2014 at 22:04:40 MST

A request from ginryu23112 ginryu23112
Well, one of many.
But I happened to start this one.
Anywho. For some reasons that will be later explained placed him due for a punishment.
That's having to stay between his...
Master's.... toes....
All day!
At work!

"Church is an important part of religion, and are looked at like pillars when it comes to having them finished to perfection and put into use. Every sunday anybody with a religion goes there to worship their god, but can't always make it. Nothing happens to them, they seem fine if they miss a day or just feel like kickin' it. Honestly I worship my own god on a daily basis, and I figure with more frequency one day off wouldn't be so bad, I mean, I'm super loyal. But if god drags his followers along to his side job for missing a day, then I'd understand. But I don't."

And then since you have to hear two sides, here's Silver's explanation.
"Being a god is hard work. You have to put a lot of focus into taking care of your charges, making sure all sorts of unpleasant business is taken care of, and then there's just the boredom. But, hey, side jobs can fix that once in a while, especially so when you've got the undying adulation of one of your littlest fans the entire time."

(Don't believe him, I'm right.)