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Tuba Fox Ornament by Darkwolfdemon

Tuba Fox Ornament


16 April 2013 at 18:11:18 MDT

A gift I made for my bro vivaldi_thearcticfox (

Art by shapeshifterprincess (

After making several I can make them rather quickly and easily. :3

So if anyone wants one I can make it for you. But since I need actual materials and shipping it is up for a price.

Or if you want to make it yourself then here is how to make it:

I went to hobbie Lobby and bought several ceramic ornaments.

Painting it was hard since after putting on several coats of their paint it fell off super easy when I put water on it. So I used ceramic type paint and paint that holds on well; several coats to make it as even as possible and make sure it wouldn't fall off. When painting take off the gold thing so you don't get paint on that. Let it fully dry. I can't remember where I got the paint; some other ornament/hobby store.

Make your picture into a circle like your ornament picture. You make sure the picture to fit by going into microsoftword and setting the paper to real life size and putting the ornament on the screen and chance the picture size on the paper until they are relatively equal so the picture will fit on it.

Get paper that you can put threw a printer which you can peel one side off making it sticky. Make sure your printer works properly since that paper isnt the cheapest. I put several pictures on one sheet. Next cut it in a circle and cut those wedges going near the center of the picture; this helps when you fold the picture over the ornament. This can be difficult but when you do it right it gets rid of the folds and warping. You will have to fold one part of the picture over another so do the over folding on the least important parts of the picture (ie: NOT THE FACE! *whinces*) while sacrificing the similar parts like same color undersealed parts.

Lastly I put several coats of a varnish like spray. It gives it more of a shine and helps protect the paint and picture alittle. I used decoart triple gloss. Let dry and put another coat on and let dry again.

Finally put the little gold hanger on and your done. :)

Its good to have a few extras just as you are learning to smooth things over or if you majorly mess up. Also good to lay down newspapers when you are applying paint and letting it dry so you don't get anything on the floor or on anything. Also; spray the ornaments outside with masks and gloves on and when you have them dry (I used my room) have it ventilate, I opened the windows so the gasses didn't affect me. XD

You don't need a ceramic ball to make it, but if you do then you need to check the paint and gloss and other stuff because some color and stuff does not work with certain materials.

Hope that helps. ^_^

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    I'm thinking something like this closer towards Christmas. Probably three of them. What kind of money might I expect to pay for you to do them. I definitely can't do something like that..

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      Basically cost of materials, whatever shipment, and a little labor. How much would you be willing to pay?

      And time may vary in a few months on whether or not I get a job.

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    Wow this piece really astonishes me its GREAT!