Zombie Outbreak K9 by DarkWolf80s (critique requested)

Zombie Outbreak K9 (critique requested)


21 January 2014 at 03:00:19 MST

This is my vent art that I have placed together of my dog.


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    This is a cool picture. Kind of a wild and deep looking concept, and how you rendered the picture is very interesting.

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      Thank you!! Well this is a photomanipulation portrait of my dog (may he RIP). I wanted to create something vintage with a hint of post-apocalyptic to it. So this idea came up that he has seen the final days of earth and everything with it went into nuclear explosion because of zombie outbreak and more. So he's there smoking his cig and not giving a single care to what happens next.

      The photo I've used is an old photo of him which I've also used in my previous photomaip concept for a horrors B movie poster. You can check it out in my gallery. Cheers!