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The Facilitators: Danpenka (art by Madfox) by Darkwitt

The Facilitators: Danpenka (art by Madfox)


CODENAME: Danpenka
CIVILIAN NAME: Daisuke Saito
MARK: Green Kanji for “Ka”
PRESENTATION:  Text messages by conference, Emote projector mask and coat hiding shell in person
AGE: 23
SPECIES: Leopard Tortoise
BIRTHPLACE: Nagoya, Japan
SPECIALIZATION: Social Media, Internet, Electronic Data
OCCUPATION: Freelance White Hat, former Cryptovirologist
HISTORY: Daisuke spent a good portion of his teens as a NEET. Due to his crippling social anxiety and his lack of prospective job opportunities, Daisuke was destined to live a life as a Hikikomori. His family expected his early signs of intellect to net them much prosperity, but the pressure caused him to  retreat from everything. Eventually he was disowned and forced to live in a Net Cafe out of desperation. Cyberhomeless at the age of 18, Daisuke retreated to the only thing he understood: Computers. While not officially educated, he became a vicious hacker for two years, wishing to extract pain on the world around him. Selling his programs to people who would pay enough to handle his meager expenses. It wasn’t until he turned 20 that his efforts led to him posting a devastating Trojan on an open source website that led to the hijacking of an entire transit system for three weeks. It was a  turning point in his life that he deeply regrets. Daisuke now works as a White Hat, a hacker exposing cracks in code all over the internet to hopefully atone for his ‘wrathful youth.’ Darkwitt discovered Daisuke when he tried to dismantle a patent troll company and found Daisuke had already done the dirty work. After weeks of tracing and tracking, Darkwitt found him in a quasi-permanent residence in an Internet Cafe in East Keburiko. It was a challenge, but now Danpenka serves as the youngest member of the Facilitators, and the first new recruit Darkwitt has acquired for the Qualm. 

Danpenka was difficult to find. By his home country's standards, he barely existed. It was against protocol but I used some of the Facilitator budget to give him a small studio to live. He seemed to initially prefer living in that hole I found him in. Almost like he thought it was what he deserved. Odd, but unsurprising. He's deeply remorseful of his reckless teenage years, and is desperate to atone. Qualm thinks it's made him ripe to control but I mentioned to him if we want to find the idealists he's looking for, we need to find people less interested in their own success and more about the elevation of the world around them. Danpenka's such a recluse, he'd prefer to be an observer of society than a participant. For our objectives, that suits me just fine. 

Still. The kid could use a friend.

Danpenka was going to be the first character of the newer facilitators I introduced in the Facilitator Story, but the initial lack of interest discouraged me for a while. I'm poking at the story a little again, since talking about these facilitators has been a lot of fun developing. It's nice to work on this while I'm not neck deep in contracts for my time off. 

art by @/howlingmadfox

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