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Mare in the Moonlight (art by SnarlyDraws) by Darkwitt

Mare in the Moonlight (art by SnarlyDraws)


1 August 2021 at 16:04:27 MDT

In another timeline, in another realm. Things might have gone differently. She might have never met him. The Mare stares out at the landscape of a gloomy cemetary, feeling a deeper connection with the husks left behind than she did with any breathing soul. Was it a connection, or merely a feeling of distance from those that carried out their meaningless lives? There was an inexorable futility to her day to day activities.

Maybe she just lay here and find purpose in the stillness. Maybe the value of sentience was merely to have someone out there who could properly comprehend the joke of life.

Or maybe. Just maybe. There was a piece of the puzzle missing.


A valued sub of mine has some hard days. The kind of days where you question everything and answers come like moisture from squeezing a stone. Despite this, she still has people around her, ready to walk with her in the cemetary, and perhaps find a glint of vibrance in the still.

If you ever see someone with a gaze like this, offer some company. Remind them you're glad to have them around.

Who knows? they might need it mroe than you know.

Art by SnarlyDraws
Featuring my raven Visia as a mare.

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