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Miss Vaim: The living Meme (art by Tokifuji by Darkwitt

Miss Vaim: The living Meme (art by Tokifuji


Selene Vaim. A woman after my own heart. Though I occasionally shudder at the implications of such a thing. Miss Vaim is sometimes a rival, sometimes a servant. but ultimately she is a force of nature. Just a glance of her eyes and you may find the orbit of the world shift from the sun to her lips. She has a flair for the gothic, but I feel she enjoys it for the 'vampire bat' motif. What is truly her style is in her fur. Her color. her eyes. Those features are what make her. She tends to surround herself with minded. Of course, after a few minutes with her, anyone could be 'like minded.' What I find most enticing (and harrowing) about her is that she exists as a living meme. As her infectious personality works you over, your body takes on her tint. Your voice slowly adjusts to match her cadence. in time, your ears will grow sensitive. and on that fateful day, through long, frequent service, you might look in the mirror and smile, to see Miss Vaim staring right back at you. Here we see a young avian who has taken a shine to the lovely lady. To him, she's everything he's ever dreamed of, or will dream of. To her, the pretty bird is simply the flavor of the hour. He'll sing her tune, just like she thinks you will.

Or perhaps you aren't into the idea of following her. That's perfectly fine with her. she always leaves a simple challenge to those who no longer wish to remain as her thrall. If you can stop chanting her favorite phrase, She'll let you go. Because in the end. Everyone's answer is that same phrase. over and over:

"Yes Miss Vaim. Yes Miss Vaim. Yes Miss Vaim. Yes Miss Vaim."
One of my favorite ideas. I believe her original concept was spawned... goodness. about Fourteen years ago. She's shifted in iterations here and there. Though I had bounced ideas of her based off one of gideon 's older pictures. I must thank zsisron for helping foot part of the bill, as well as tokifuji for doing one of the first professional interpretations of the invasive madame, though certainly not the last.

Art by tokifuji
Avian and part of this art belongs to zsisron

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