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What do you do...? by Dark Violet

What do you do...?

Dark Violet

15 December 2017 at 16:36:26 MST

"You are standing at one end of a wooden dock. The sea air tickles your nose with a salty tang, and the sound of it lapping against the nearby shore only makes you realise just how silent this island is.... To your right, the mast of a sunken ship rises from the water, its dark, sunken timbers fractured by the waves. At the opposite end of the dock, a stone staircase rises to the top of a hillock, atop which rests a giant gear, matte and grey in the pale sun. A few steps away, at the base of the stairs, rests a contraption - about waist high; brushed metal, dulled with age.

"In the distance, the trees rustle. You can't help but imagine that they sound like the whispers of two lost souls.

"What do you do..."?

This was super fun to do! So recently, my good friend :iconWrincewind: actually bought a house. It's a lovely little thing, so nice on the inside, and I'm sure he'll have a lot of fun with it. But of course, a house is jut a building until you fill it up - so I thought I'd contribute a little, and make a poster for him :3

And well, one thing really leaped to mind when I came up with that. Myst!

The classic point-and-click puzzle game, Myst is a series that Wrince loves (and in some ways even embodies), and he got me into it too. A world so full of lore, backstory and challenging (and occaisionally bullshit) puzzles, it certainly got the creative juices flowing.

So here it is; my tribute to the wonderful world of Myst.


Go check out the game this piece was inspired by!

Myst (c) Robyn & Rand Miller

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    Myst is one of my all time favorite games. Riven is a lot of fun as well though the ones after that got a bit confusing. I wish they had gotten the bugs worked out of Uru and had been able to release it fully.

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      Myst was fantastic, and aside from the occasionally fiendish puzzle in Riven, I had a whole bunch of fun with that too! They have some fantastic world building through environment design.

      Can't wait to play the third one <3

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    Once upon a time, I was trying to make replicas of items in the game you'd likely to pick up and carry around, and take back to this world as "souvenirs". The crumpled note, the one torn in half, a metal panel with a schematic from Riven... Never good enough to impress anyone.

    Huh, Riven wasn't "fiendish" but then again, I took notes of odd things others did not. (this ball makes a funny sound when you flip it...) Also when I did come to understand how some of the technology worked, nobody understood my explanations, and "put the red ball there" or "click on that one" is just giving the solution away, when, the idea is to solve the puzzles. That's equal to doing a boss battle for someone instead of them learning how to fight.

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      That sounds super cool! The Book of Atrus was lovely, but I'd adore having a proper, leather-bound Myst Book on my shelf~

      I feel that Riven did one thing well, which was that by-and-large the puzzles weren't arbitrary - the solutions could indeed be reasoned out. The main problem was that puzzles on one island has solutions all the way on the other side of the map, or required running around the map a few times to solve, removing your focus from the area and making them more difficult. That said, there were wonderful moments - for example, working out the D'ni number system was superbly fun, giving that real sense of accomplishment!

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        Nods If I was enough of a Myst Nerd to know what would go into a Myst Linking Book, blank leather journals are not that hard to come by. We're really damn close to being able to insert an e-paper or flexible screen to do the flashing images you touch to warp there.

        Yeah, I remember the number system. At one point, I was also toying with the idea of modding a clock, just because I could.

        My favorite puzzle was the power distribution system. It required knowledge of the islands, and where structures had been built, enough to recognize them on a schematic. It wasn't really a "puzzle" at all, but an all-purpose system forced into a specific role. It seemed to stump everybody else, and made perfect sense to me.

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          Oh yeah, same with that Power Distribution puzzle! That was another tricky one (Especially since it also involved knowledge of which colours go where from an undersea viewing platform, in addition to figuring out that one of the marbles didn't need to go anywhere), but I got it after a short while. The biggest difficulty was figuring out which exact square to put things on :P

          Also, happy birthday for yesterday ^w^ Hope it was good!