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Omen (Collab with Rixie) by Dark Violet (critique requested)

Omen (Collab with Rixie) (critique requested)

Dark Violet

A second collab here, done with my great friend Rixie over on FA! Find her page here:

I've always like her art, and I had fun doing this piece with her :3

I'm open for more collabs, if anyone's interested! More info here:

Enjoy :D

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    I'm here too btw.. I just never use this XD

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      And I'm already watching you :3

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        STALKERRRRR Haha. I think the community here is quite nice I already got a critique and a good one too! :)

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          That's great ! I'm glad this place is getting so popular :3

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            I just have to figure out how to use it now,.. like the coding it uses [syntax] the :usernamething : or D:

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              It uses markdown, which is a different style of coding. Fortunately, what I just linked is a helpful guide, and it always shows what your message will appear like both before and after the formatting :3

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                Ahh it's similar to Syntax but they have made it more difficult.. thanks Weasyl.. lol

                Thanks CanidaeOokami


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                  Somethings are easier, like bold or italic requires much less formatting, as do links. Also, you can do stuff like headers and proper bullet points :3 I like it, personally.