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What Lurks in the Nightclub by Dark Violet

What Lurks in the Nightclub

Dark Violet

1 February 2017 at 17:03:49 MST

"For all that looking, you don't see a whole lot, do you?"

The voice was deep, slightly gravelly, commanding in its harshness, and it made Cotton jump in place, knocking her now-empty glass over. She turned to see who was talking to her, only to come nose-to-nose with that Zoroark from before. The tall dark-type towered over her, bent double just to stay about level with her head. His sharp muzzle slowly split into an even sharper grin. "Boo." He said, simply.

Cotton shook her head with a little huff, wrinkling up her cerulean muzzle. "Boo to you too…" She tried to sound rather braver than she felt, right now, looking up at him. "Weren't you staring at me on the dance floor, earlier?"

"I could say that you were staring at me… But, then, that wouldn't be fair. After all, you're certainly dressed for attention…" He leant in, tracing a huge red claw over one of her horns, brushing against one of her ostentatious dangly horn-rings. "And, my, haven't you gotten it?"

"The Shepherd" by Wrincewind

A picture I did for Wrince to coincide with his latest story; The Shepherd!

Cotton just came to make a bit of a spectacle of herself and have a little fun in all the glamorous lights! Who would ever think she'd end up in the darkest, gloomiest room in Plaisir...

I had quite a bit of fun with this, especially with all the eccentricities of Cotton's outfit! To quote Wrincewind himself, " looked like she'd prepped for the show by rolling around in an electronics workshop". Now that's fun to draw :P

Hope you like it, and don't forget to check out the accompanying story here!

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Cotton the Mareep (c) Wrincewind
Café Plaisir (c) Pali Bakufun
Pokémon (c) Nintendo/Game Freak

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