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Pinkamena Takes Over Chapter 2 Rewritten by Darktailskp

Pinkamena Takes Over Chapter 2 Rewritten

Pinkamena Takes Over
Chapter 2:The Past Returns

It was in the middle of the night, a few hours passed the time when every pony should be asleep, but Shadow only got about three hours of sleep when he suddenly woke up. His years in the army didn’t offer much time to sleep, he had meant to start sleeping for the full eight hours again but been lazy towards it. But he isn’t lazy towards anything else as he uses the time to work, deciding to fix Rainbow Dash’s door that he had broken down earlier was the first thing he thought of for example. However, it did make a few squeaky noises which caused Rainbow Dash to wake up.

"Huh...who's there?" She ask very tirelessly, trying to keep her heavy eyelids open.

"Just me Rainbow, getting some air. Go back to sleep." Shadow told Rainbow Dash who without a word fell back on her nice soft cloud bed, falling fast asleep within seconds.

Shadow smiled at how fast his friend went to sleep, to make sure he wouldn’t wake her again though he had made earmuffs out of small pieces from her wall, which was made of clouds. Carefully placing them over her ears he went back to work and minutes later he was done, then simply headed out the door. The air in Cloud Dale while fresh, was very high. If you weren’t use to it, the air might make you feel light headed to the point of dizziness. But Rainbow Dash’s home wasn’t nearly as high as Cloud Dale, so Shadow managed to take in a big and deep inhale with no trouble.

After exhaling he decided to take a flight to Ponyville and within minutes landed right in the center of town, he wanted to see what that place was like during the night, due him usually being nocturnal. He saw it was pretty dark, the only other light that was on besides the street lights was a building with what looked like a giant cupcake as a roof. Walking closer he saw a sign hanging over the door that read Sugarcube Corner and when he knocked on the door, no answer came. He knocked again but still no answer, he knew the lights inside being on meant somepony was there.

His instincts was telling him to check it out, but another part of him told him that he is here to relax, it also told him it's going to be a fun day tomorrow and that there is nothing to worry about. There could be more than a thousand reasons why there is a light left on, so Shadow went on his way completely forgetting about it. As he was walking he heard the sound of a door opening, turning he saw the front door was still closed so maybe it was the back door he heard. Going around back his instinct was right, there looking around was a pink pony. Mane puffy and her light blue eyes were scanning the area, holding what looked like a sack close to her chest.

After about a minute she hopped to a nearby dumpster to throw the sack away, “Need any help miss?” the pony froze in place hearing Shadow speak.

The last pony that came up to her unexpectedly didn’t end so well, she turned around looking for the voice’s owner but saw no pony in sight. Shadow caught on that his black fur might be making him invisible, walking forward into some light he apologized. When the pony’s eyes locked on him she again froze, clutching her sack close while hearing Remain calm, kill him if he gets too close being whispered in the back of her mind. However, that smile on his face got rid of the idea of killing him, for now at least.

"The name is Shadow. Ex-Army, captain of the squad Free Fly." Shadow introduced himself, seeing the confused and whether scared look on the pony’s face he dips his head in respect. "Sorry about that miss, I introduce myself like that so many times it just comes naturally I guess."

The pony tilted her head looking at him, then she spoke “I’m Pinkie Pie.” before taking a step or two back.

“Your sack seems to be leaking, Miss Pie.” Shadow pointed out, making Pinkie Pie look at her sack in terror.

It was beginning to drip some kind of red liquid, she was in the midst of getting rid of that pony’s remains. She no longer needed what was left so Pinkie Pie was getting rid of her, however she wasn’t expecting any pony to be awake at this hour so she assumed it was the perfect time.

“J-Just some bake bads I made earlier.” Pinkie Pie lied, slowly stepping closer to the dumpster. “My alligator Gummy accidently set the stove too high, I figured cupcakes soup wouldn’t taste so good. So just throwing them out.”

“You put melted cupcakes into a sack?” Shadow asked, finding that decision very odd. “By the looks of the liquid, cherr---” he paused suddenly smelling something, but was unsure where it was coming from.

It was awful and was sure he smelt it before, he started to sniff the air trying to find out where it was coming from. Thinking fast Pinkie Pie blurted out “Cherry? Yyyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh that’s it...just plain cherry cupcake soup.” while giggling nervously.

Brushing the odd smell off Shadow asked if he could help with her bag, she repeatedly shook her head no. Walking around to the dumpster's front, eyes focused on Shadow, she tossed the sack inside and gave Shadow a awkward smile. She wanted to kill him, but the fact that he was Ex-Army wouldn't make it easy. If she was going to do it then she had to get him while he least expects it, which was clearly not tonight.

"So you are the one I keep on hearing about, right? Nice to meet you Pinkie Pie, it's a bit late to do cleaning don't you think?" Shadow spent a lot of time in the Army so he could read others with ease, and questions like these came naturally to him.

Pinkie Pie not wanting to set off any alarms to the soldier said, "Oh no, no, no, no, no. Just with the Cake twins and preparing your party, which has to wait until Sunday now, I’ve been super bu---WAIT A MINUTE! You’re a new pony a new friend I gotta get to know!!” suddenly she became very happy and hopped closer to him.

Shadow smiled, "Make it for Rainbow Dash will you? I'm not famous, I don't need a party. Rainbow Dash was the one who won the computation, make it for her instead." he tells her making Pinkie Pie tilt her head again.

“O-Oh?” She was confused by that request but nodded slowly, "It's going to be for both of you then, I love making new friends!" she smiled hopping up and down.

"It's getting kind of late out, how about we talk more...over lunch?" Shadow asked, making Pinkie Pie come to a screeching halt while in mid air.

"You mean like a date!?" She asked in shock as she slowly lands, the first few seconds meeting a pony and she was already getting hit on? The ironic part of this was that they were right in front of the dumpster that Pinkie Pie had just threw a corpse inside of.

Shadow blushed, "Call it a date, call it hanging out. If you don't want to, or too busy that's fine by me, it's just late and I am sure you are tired." he says keeping his smile.

"Yes, it has been a long day and you can't possibly imagine what type of a day that I had...well maybe Shadow, I'm not saying no but I don't know what tomorrow is going to bring to me." Pinkie Pie smiles.

Shadow nodded his head and flew off leaving Pinkie Pie to ponder, is she going to be busy tomorrow or is she going to use the opportunity to murder Shadow? He doesn’t know anything but something about that Pegasus she did not like, was it because he was asking too many questions? Or was it because that he was Ex-Army and that he could find out easily?

If he goes missing before his party then every pony would know that something is wrong, so she decided it would be best to leave him alone. Maybe not even go on that date he offered, just stay low key and be careful until he leaves. Then she wouldn't have to watch her back and once he leaves, she could focus her attention on Twilight Sparkle.

She started to head back inside but stopped suddenly, that was really close and she was almost caught literally red hooved. She could hear Pinkamena giving her an idea, smiling at it with joy. She looked around to make sure no pony was else watching, then reopen the dumpster and took the sack back inside.
Meanwhile Twilight was hard at work, after Pinkie Pie’s visit earlier she was too worried to sleep. She knew her friends very well and felt something was off about Pinkie Pie, she thought her memory spell worked but it made her remember something awful. She wanted to ask her about it but she could be upset for another reason completely, so she didn’t want to risk asking until she was sure enough. An hour after Pinkie Pie left Twilight had sent a letter to the princess asking about Pinkie Pie’s family records.

Maybe she should have gotten them for Pinkie Pie instead but it didn’t cross her mind at the time, within about thirty minutes Spike had coughed up quite a few scrolls. She immediately went to the start of her family records as Spike staggered up to bed, Twilight had spent like three minutes on the first scroll when she noticed something strange. She was confused, the start of Pinkie Pie’s family records was of her being adopted by the Cakes? That wasn’t a big surprise though as Pinkie Pie knew that herself, but what confused Twilight was that there was nothing before that.

Pinkie Pie once talked about a rock farm she remembers, but her family records shows no mention of a rock farm. The image of her with the Cakes showed she was about the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ ages, and she had her Cutie Mark so this rises a lot of questions. Where was the family records of her real family or at the very least, where she was adopted from? Twilight read on but there was no mention of Pinkie Pie being from or visiting a rock farm, her home before adoption, her Cutie Mark, nothing. It was as if somepony took them out.

Twilight became curious about this, she knew it was late but she needed to find out more. Maybe there’s a connection between Pinkie Pie’s strange behavior, and her lack of family records before her adoption. She thought hard for a few minutes on what to do, then she suddenly remembered something. Something that made a light go off brightly in her head, during the Gala she had met a mare that looked a lot like Pinkie Pie. She even remembered seeing her while she and the others were at the donut shop. It was weird as now that she thinks about it, that mare seemed as if she was watching Pinkie Pie, maybe she knew her? Twilight intended to find out for sure if her idea was correct, she just has to figure out where that mare is.

The very next day Pinkie Pie had set out freshly baked cupcakes, she hoped against hope that the customers approved of her new recipe. To her shock as well as her mind, they went over extremely well with the ponies who bought them to the point where they had completely sold out by the end of the lunch hour. Pinkie Pie was surprised they were sold out so fast, strangely enough, the normally sickening thought of her peers unknowingly committing cannibalism pleased her. For the first time since she had remembered her past Pinkie Pie genuinely smiled, and by the end of the day, her once faked happy demeanor was replaced by the jubilant mannerisms that she was known for. She felt great, better than she had in awhile.

But she knew if she was going to go through with her plan for Twilight, then she needed to be ready. She needed to think everything though and most importantly of all, leave no clues or traces that’ll lead back to her. Pinkie Pie never wanted to kill, nor like the idea, but Pinkamena change her mind and thoughts on it after last night’s event. After the cupcakes were completely sold out she went to her room up stairs and looked in her mirror, which Pinkamena appeared in quite quickly replacing her reflection.

"Told you they would like them did I not?" Pinkamena giggled.

"Yes, you did." Pinkie Pie replied happy.

"To think such a little...thin...pony would be so tasty…” Pinkamena paused for a moment, her mouth watering at the thought of how the cupcakes tasted. “We must make more."
She told Pinkie Pie as she started to lick her lips.

But Pinkie Pie was unsure, if they killed ponies for too long sooner or later somepony would catch on, most likely that Ex-Army pony. "I don't know, it's not like me to kill and I can't keep doing it or we'll be found out." She explained, beginning to worry.

Pinkamena giggled in enjoyment. "Hehehehahaha, All part of the thrill my dear, the thought and fear of being caught just adds to the enjoyment..."

Pinkie Pie still wasn't too sure, but knew she couldn't go back. After what she did, nopony would ever forgive her. Pinkamena saw how confused she was of her feelings so she tried to comfort her.

"Hey Pinkie...don't worry too much my dear. It'll be OK." She spoke smiling.

"How will it be OK!?” Pinkie Pie suddenly snaps at her then quickly grabbed her mouth, she waited a few moments to see if any pony heard her but the lack of noises calmed her down. “I killed an innocent pony...Sooner or later some pony will be looking for her and sure after almost being caught last night, that pony Shadow will catch on..." She explained, she wasn’t sure why but suddenly she started to feel regret, just like last time.

"Don't be so worried about it...he'll leave before any pony starts to notice, and if any pony does catch on...hehehehe, they'll be next~" Pinkamena told her, rubbing her hooves together hoping to kill very soon.

Pinkie Pie just looked at her with a blank look, then agreed by nodding her head slowly.

"Good, good my dear hehehehahaha. Twilight is the case of all of this...she made you remember...your must pay..." Pinkamena explained laughing.

"Yes...but how?" Pinkie Pie asked pressing her face against the mirror, almost like she was trying to enter it somehow.

"Hehehe...well my dear it's quite simple, really. Here's the plan." Pinkamena leaned in close as if she’s whispering to her.

Meanwhile Twilight was still worried about Pinkie Pie, she was hoping the pony she meet at the Gala would be able to give some answers. As luck would have it, her band was performing the night before and she managed to get in contact with her. She agreed to talk with Twilight the next day and had arrived little after lunch.

“Thanks again for meeting with me, I’m just awfully worried about Pinkie Pie so I’m very grateful.” Twilight says as she handed the mare a cup of tea.

“Think nothing of it, I’m just happy somepony cares enough to be willing to track me down.” She replied taking the cup and sipping it, being careful not to get her fur messy.

Twilight took a sip of tea herself, “So, how you do know Pinkie Pie?” she asked after debating what her first question should be.

“If I tell you, promise not to tell her? It’s very important she doesn’t know.” The mare asked with Twilight nodding and doing Pinkie Pie’s Pinkie Promise, managing to poke herself in the eye by mistake. The mare smiled a little, then sighed before she started to talk. “I’m her sister.”

“Sister?” Twilight asked confused, why wasn’t she in Pinkie Pie’s family records then? She started to wonder what else could be possibly be cut out. “Pinkie Pie never said she had a sister?”

“That’s because at a very young age, she lost her memories.” The mare said making Twilight even more worried.

“Octavia is it? Could you tell me why she lost her memories?” Twilight asked her, making her more comfortable.

Octavia sighed again before sipping some tea, “It’s pretty terrible, are you sure want to know as it may change how you look at her?” she asked with Twilight nodding.

“I wouldn’t have brought you here if I didn’t want you to explain her past for me.” Twilight stated, Octavia closed her eyes thinking just before she nodded.

She could still remember that terrible day as if it was yesterday, as it still haunts her dreams. “Very well then, I’ll start a bit before it so you can understand how terrible it truly was.”

“I’m all ears.” Twilight said while sipping more of her tea.

“When me, Pinkie Pie and our two other sisters were fillies we lived on a rock farm. It wasn’t the best nor happiest home but it was still home, day in and day out we harvested rocks.”

“I won’t even begin to imagine how you can harvest rocks.” Twilight interrupted her and upon realizing she grabbed her mouth, “Oops I’m so sorry, please continue.” she asked hoping Octavia wasn’t mad at her for interrupting.

“It’s quite alright, we worked on the farm for a while. As Earth ponies it was very hard, but our family believed you don’t need magic to do work. Dad always said doing it by hoof was more rewarding in the end.” Octavia paused for a few moments, thinking back to those times and it wasn’t until Twilight asked her if she was alright when she snapped out of it. “Sorry was going off topic,” She paused to gulp a little. ”the four of us were the best of friends. Sure we had other friends but the four of us were inseparable.”

“Sounds like a happy memory, Pinkie Pie would smile bigger than ever if she remembers that.” Twilight started to feel a lot better at hearing this, but knew it was bond to get bad.

“It was, the best moments I can remember.” Octavia started to smile a little but lost it very quickly, she was about to explain what were the worst memories she ever had. “One day a pony that lived close by was call in to baby sit us, our parents were going to visit some of their friends as they started a business in another town. They were going to leave in the following days so our parents wanted to say goodbye, the babysitter was a nice pony that was always good friends with our father, or so we thought...”

“What happened?” Twilight asked wondering where this was about to go, hoping her worse idea wasn’t it.

“All the other times we met him he was such an nice and friendly pony, but that day…” Octavia had to pause and used this time to sip some more tea , it was almost starting to feel like she was using the tea to avoid speaking. “He was drunk, when he babysat us that day we were just playing one of our usual games. Guess he got annoyed as he at one point yelled at us to stop, but when Pinkie Pie talked back to him...that’s when it happen.” Octavia paused for a few seconds longer trying to calm herself down.

“When what happened?” Twilight asked, terrified of the answer.

It took a few silent moments before Octavia looked up at Twilight, she at first hesitated on finishing but figured Twilight wouldn’t let her leave until she does. So after one more gulp she started to finish her sentence.

“He hit her, causing her to cry. When she wouldn’t stop he hit her again and we tried to stop him, but he hit us too.” She yet again pauses, this time to rub the side of her upper leg. “Finally Pinkie Pie manages to break free from his grip and ran outside with him chasing her, yelling so loudly..We were scared and wasn’t sure what to do. Then as if Celestia herself was helping us, our parents got home just at that moment. As we were telling them what just happened we heard Pinkie Pie yelling again, our father galloped off as fast as he could as our mother tried comforting us. We could hear what sounded like yelling and fighting, when suddenly..”

Twilight looked at Octavia’s face, she could tell something terrible happen as she started to shed a few tears, it made her feel so sad just staring at her.

“Nothing, after a few minutes our mother went to the barn where we store rocks and hay in. What happened next changed our lives forever…” Octavia had to stop as her tears started to get worse and had to wipe them away, “S-Sorry I don’t want to relive what happened next again..” Octavia said in more tears.

Twilight quickly stood up and went over to hug her, “It’s OK, I think I understand why now.” she said as she tried to comfort her the best she could.

“It’s alright..” Octavia spoke embracing the warm hug, after a few moments Twilight levitated a box of tissues over. After using a few to wipe her eyes she went on to say something. “After that day we went to live with our parents’ friends, the ones they went to meet that day.”

Twilight thought that had explained everything a little bit, but not why her real family wasn’t in her family records and as she went back to sit down she couldn’t help but ask a question.

However Octavia had beaten her to it, “You said Pinkie Pie wanted to remember her past, correct? And that’s why you wanted to see me?”

“Well yes..” She answers, again Octavia beats her to speaking first.

“Well now you know why you can’t tell her, after that event she started to talk strangely. As if she had an imaginary friend, or was a different pony all together, she just changed…” Octavia explained.

“Changed how?” Twilight asked, it took a few moments before Octavia finally answered her.

“Well she had to have therapy, she….did things, that if I tell you, you’ll never be able to be around her the same ever again. Yes, it was that terrible. She had therapy for months before she just suddenly blocked out her memories and couldn’t remember anything, she couldn’t even remember us. She just forgot everything.” Octavia sighed as she took a few more sips of tea. “But we were told it was for the best, she doesn’t need to grow up knowing what she did. We were told it was best for her if we...never see her again, until she’s a full grown mare at least. So me and our other sisters, one you may know as Photo Finish, was put in a different family than her.”

Twilight nodded in reply but paused suddenly, “Wait Photo Finish? She met Pinkie Pie when she tried making one of our friends a fashion star, why didn’t she say anything?” she never imagined one of her best and closest friends could have a secret like this. It sounded like a mystery novel she would read on lonely nights.

“Maybe she didn’t want too, we had saw her a few times but never directly talked to her in fear of her reverting back to that terrible stage. To ensure seeing us wouldn’t make her remember, we had to go under aliases. Well besides Maud, she took up the old farm as a teenager.” Seeing the look on Twilight’s face, Octavia answered her quest before she could even ask. “My real name is Marble Pie, we had to use fake names and dye our fur. Why? We had to be sure nothing about us tips her off, even if she just glimpses us.”

“Why would you need to go so---”

“When you see her again, please tell her you can’t help with her memory.” Octavia asked, almost begging her.

Twilight bit her lip unsure how to tell Octavia this, “I kinda did already...Yesterday she asked me to use a memory spell and I di---” suddenly Octavia gagged on her tea, dropping the cup to the floor.

“YOU WHAT!?” She asked terrified, “Oh no oh long until that memory spell kicks in?” she asked in a full panic.

“It depends on the memory, but when she visited last night I could tell she wasn’t her normal self.” Twilight awkwardly replied.

Octavia had a lot of thoughts going through her mind, she remembered when Pinkie Pie was in that stage she did terrible things and after what she did to their mother, she was terrified. “You don’t know what you may have you know where she’s at?”

“Probably at home baking stuff, she’s planning a part---”

“Oh no...dear Celestia I hope she isn’t…”

“Why what’s so bad about her baking--” Before Twilight could finish Octavia had raised a hoof for her to stop.

“I can’t do anything I’m afraid, but you need to go to her.” She asked Twilight, who like her, was starting to panic.

“Why me why can’t yo---is it because your not suppose too?” She asked, her legs running in place.

“No, we can now. But since you helped her remember she needs any pony that’s close to her, she needs somepony before---if---she reverts back. Please, I’ll wait here for you. If you feel she needs to see me then fine but at the moment I may just cause even more of her memories to come back, your spell might have not restored that event entirely. But I just can’t risk it, please go over and see if she did remembered it and if she had...get her help.” Octavia pleaded to her.

Twilight wasn’t sure what she should do, she could hear the worry in Octavia’s voice. “Alright...I’ll go. She doesn’t live that far away so if I’m not back within an hour...well that should be a sign.” Twilight said as she walked to the door, when she had started to walk outside Octavia said something to stop her.

“Thanks, I’m just worried for her and everypony’s safety.” After saying this Twilight nodded with a slight smile before galloping outside, after a few seconds Octavia sat back down and picking her cup of tea up, looking inside at her reflection in what little bit of tea had remained. “Please Celestia, don’t let her past repeat itself…” she whispers as she get up to clean her spilled tea.

Meanwhile over at Rainbow Dash’s place, she was getting ready to head out for her usual work day as she was talking to Shadow. "What did you do in the Army? You left here and never came back ten years later." She asked as she was grooming her main to be messy, she hated having it too neat and clean.

"It's a war Rainbow Dash, what do you think I did over there? Don't worry about it, it does not affect you at all." He told her while fixing a hole in the door, turns out the earmuffs fell off and she had mistook him for a intruder.

Rainbow Dash was silent for a few seconds, her friend was always the fun type who loves to flirt with other ponies, but ever since he came back he had changed a lot. He had came back by a discharge and got kick out of the Army a week later, he won't say why though. She tried time and time again in the past to find out but he just won’t tell.

"Come on Shadow lets meet Twilight, you might like her." Rainbow Dash said flying up in the air holding a hoof out to him.

"Might?" Shadow repeated back in a question followed by a little laugh, "Unless she is a complete psychopath who murders pony's for no reason, I don't see why not." he laughed again.

Rainbow Dash giggles thinking how Twilight would pull that off, it just doesn’t suit her and makes the idea too funny for her to take seriously. “Yeah and Fluttershy is the Grim Reaper.” she jokes as that was just as unlike and too funny, “Come on she might be stuck in a book, she is a egghead after all.” she joked as she took off with Shadow following right behind her.

It didn’t take long to find Twilight though as they spotted her not two minutes later, she was galloping and Rainbow Dash wondered why she was in such a hurry. Brushing it off she flew down over her, turning herself upside down in the progress.

"Hey Twilight I’d like you to meet my friend Shadow!" She said scaring Twilight out of her wits.

Coming to a completely stop just before she tripped and crashed, she snapped at Rainbow Dash. “Why did you do that you scared me!?”

Rainbow Dash turned rightside up before she replied, “Sorry Twi, I just wanted you to meet my old friend.” Shadow had just landed by her side right as Twilight was about to yell again. "I was hoping to show every pony at once at the party, but we just got the notice that it's going to be tomorrow and Shadow tells me that he might not make it."

"I don't like parties all right?" Shadow said rolling his eyes.

Twilight giggled a bit then dips her head, "Well it's nice to meet you Shadow, I was---" She was about to say heading over to Pinkie Pie's house, but thought if there were too many ponies over there at once then talking to Pinkie Pie wouldn’t be easy. "I was just out for a walk, you need to thank Rainbow Dash and the other Pegasi for the great weather we’ve been having lately." She replied smiling and hoping they would buy her lie.

Shadow laughed at what she just said, "I will thank her when she does something useful for once, where I came from the clouds move all by themse---" he couldn't finish his sentence as he was laughing so hard but after a minute or two, he managed to stop so he could finish. "This whole place is a joke to me Twilight, I don't take any of this stuff seriously.”

Twilight took that comment like it was a shot, Rainbow Dash was about to interrupt but couldn’t in time. “I was never raised here and where I come from it's very different than here, I will tell you that. Your town works too hard to be perfect, what happens if something goes wrong, how will you react?" He asked her.

Twilight thought about that question for a little while, the whole time her thoughts were on Pinkie Pie and that terrible thing Octavia was afraid of. Pinkie Pie has always been a friendly type, she wouldn’t hurt anypony as far as Twilight knew, but she wasn’t there in her childhood so there might be secrets she doesn’t know about. That was why she called Octavia, but she was more confused than ever now by her refusal to say what happened, just what terrible thing did she do?

“Um are you OK Twilight?” Rainbow Dash asked, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“O-Oh yes I’m fine, I was just thinking…” She replied as her thoughts suddenly turned to Shadow, "So where did you grow up at Shadow?" Twilight asked curious and trying to get her thoughts calm again.

Shadow smiled at Twilight then started to blush, he said nothing as he just simply flew away, making her wonder if she had said something. Rainbow Dash said nothing either other than goodbye to her as she followed Shadow. Twilight would normally wonder what she could’ve said, but at the moment she was more worried about her friend Pinkie Pie. Maybe she will ask the princess if there was a file on him as well, although the chances are that if he didn’t grow up here then there wouldn't be any file on Shadow. In fact the the truth was Shadow might not even exist here on paper, no birthplaces, no job history, nothing.

There is no file on Shadow but the story's that are told, other than the place he grew up at. After a few moments of thinking Twilight decided to head on over to see Pinkie Pie, for a little talk like she was going to do before those two showed up.

After a couple of minutes Twilight came to SugarCube Corner, she looked up at the window on the upper floor where Pinkie Pie's room was. "Pinkie pie? Are you there?" She called out.

After a few seconds of no reply Pinkie Pie popped her head out, "Oh hi Twilight, what are you doing here?" she asked smiling.

"I was hoping we can talk." Twilight answered while returning the smile.

Pinkie Pie was surprised, she took her time to think about something before she replied to her friend. "Sure Twilight come on up here." She said this a bit nervously but at the moment Twilight didn’t notice.

She just nodded as Pinkie Pie moved her head back in, Twilight walked in SugarCube Corner and saw the place was quite empty. As she walked along she noticed the Cakes were out, probably doing something with Pound and Pumpkin Cake as she didn’t see them anywhere either. As she walked up the stairs leading to Pinkie Pie's room, she thought on what to exactly say, she open Pinkie Pie’s door slowly and saw on her bed, waiting for her.

"So Twilight what you wanna talk about?" Pinkie Pie asked her close friend.

"W-Well..." Twilight wasn't sure how to say what she wanted to ask her, she didn't want to make her upset or mad. "I looked up some stuff Pinkie, and---"

"And what Twilight?" Pinkie Pie interrupted with a smile on her face.

Twilight took a deep breath, exhaled it and then just came out with it. "I know about what happen in your past Pinkie."

Pinkie Pie's face suddenly went from happy to surprised as Twilight said that, she was shocked. "Y-You do..?" she asked sadly.

"Yes, after you left last night I was worried by how you acted. So I asked the princess for files on you as a filly and when that just brought up more questions, I found somepony that knew you as a filly and she told me what happen." Explained Twilight.

Pinkie Pie stared at her totally speechless, and soon enough, she saw Pinkamena forming in her mirror behind Twilight. She kept her eyes on Twilight but when her eyes were off her she would take a quick peak at Pinkamena.

“The time is near for us too---” Pinkamena was trying to call out, but Pinkie Pie ignored her.

"So, you know about my past?" Pinkie Pie asked in a very sad tone.

"Yes, I know about your parent’s friend and what he did to you, and I know what happen."
Twilight replied.

Twilight could feel the tension in the room rising and it made her feel unconformable, she hoped she didn't make things worse by saying that. Pinkie Pie was looking at the floor thinking, all the while hearing Pinkamena talking but again, she was ignoring her for now.

"So, why are you here? To tell me what I already know? What I wish I could forget or that I never asked for your memory spell?" She asked and Twilight never saw Pinkie Pie this upset before.

"I came to comfort you, your past is too much for anypony to deal with alone." Twilight told her, hoping her smile would show that she’s being sincere.

But Pinkie Pie was just staring at her confused, making her smile turn into a frown whether quickly. Pinkie Pie didn't know what to say or think, she just stared at Twilight making her feel more uneasy.

"Pinkie, I'm sorry I helped you remember. But it'll be OK, you don't need to worry about the past." Twilight tried comforting her but Pinkie Pie just sighed, then stared at her with a look that made Twilight extremely nervous.

"Comfort me?” Pinkie Pie asked angrily, “Twilight look, I can't just forget or ignore my past. Not after what I di---" she stopped herself just before she told Twilight about last night.

"Pinkie that's not what I'm saying, I'm saying you don't need to worry about it. You have friends that you can talk too. That's why I'm help you." Twilight replied, trying to convince Pinkie Pie she wasn’t there to hurt her.

Pinkie Pie didn't know whether to believe her or not, so she looked over at Pinkamena who was still in the mirror, she was shaking her head. "She's lying...Pinkie, don't trust you did the friends you had before..."

Pinkie Pie felt like she’s going insane, she was talking to a pony only she can see and hear. She sighed once more, looked at Twilight and said "This is all your fault." and looked like she was about to cry.

"I know..." Twilight replied looking down, feeling just terrible. "And I'm sorry I made you remember,
if I knew about your past I would've---"

"Would've what? Hurt me too?!" Pinkie Pie interrupted.

"What?! Hurt you?” Twilight was starting to worry she made a mistake coming here so soon, but she needed to get her friend to understand that she wasn’t here to hurt her. “Why would I hurt you Pinkie? You're my friend." Twilight said as she started to feel nervous and even shocked at the outburst.

"Because the friends I had as an filly did! And I trusted them like I do you and the others, how can I tell you won't hurt me too!?" Pinkie shouted, feeling both enraged and sad.

Twilight was stepping backwards a little as she was getting scared, she did make things a lot worse than they were and needed to do something quickly. "Pinkie I would never hurt you, promise." she tried convincing her.

Pinkie Pinkie sighed as she looked at Pinkamena again, then back at Twilight. ".....Pinkamena said not to trust you."

Twilight looked around but saw no pony around, "Who's Pinkamena? Isn't that your real name?" she asked extremely confused now. Was there a pony here in hiding?

"No...Pinkamena is the real me, the one I locked away years ago.." Pinkie Pie replied shedding some tears.

Twilight was shocked and was about to go into her flight mode, until she saw Pinkie Pie crying and immediately wanted to help, but she didn’t know how too. "I don't follow," She said confused. “but I care for yo---”

"I don't expect you to understand…” Pinkie Pie interrupted her, “I'm not Pinkamena anymore but...but she won't leave me alone..." she started to cry more.

"Pinkie, you sound like you're going insa---” Twilight stopped herself just in time, she was starting to think that her friend was going insane but didn’t want to say it. “Your old self is...another mind or something?" she asked hoping to get an answer that’ll make her feel better.

"I might be insane, I don't know I feel like I am sometimes..." Pinkie Pie placed her hooves on her head, trying to decide whether to listen to Pinkamena or warn Twilight.

"Pinkie, if you want we can get you help." Twilight didn’t mean for that to sound like she thought she really needed help, but because she wanted to help her friend.

"Thanks Twilight,'s too late for that." Pinkie Pie had started to feel alone again, and took Twilight’s help comment the wrong way.

Twilight lowered her head, this wasn't what she wanted to happen. She wanted to help Pinkie Pie and comfort her, not make her feel alone and more scared.

"Pinkie, I can ask the princess to get you help, if you want too."

Pinkie Pie looked up at her, very sad and feeling unstable, Twilight could tell by the increased tension that her next words had to be very thought out, least she’ll be unable to fix the situation.

"My friends as a filly, I trusted them like I do you and the others, but they hurt me too. How can I be sure you won't?" Pinkie Pie asked, hoping more than ever that Twilight’s answer would make her feel better.

"Because I'm your friend Pinkie, and I promise. Cross my heart hope to fly and stick a cupcake in my ey--OW!!” Twilight had poked herself in the eye yet again, Pinkie Pie let out a loud chuckle.

"Don't listen to her, she's lying Pinkie…” Pinkamena spoke, trying hard to get Pinkie Pie’s attention. “Trust is hard to take and give, test her..." she old Pinkie Pie who in her mind asked how.

Pinkie Pie stared at Twilight as she started thinking, if she tells Twilight what she did last night, what would she do? Would she panic and call the guards? Would she comfort her and try to find a way out? She wanted to know, she needed to know but was just too afraid of what she might say.

"I...I don't know, if you knew what I did then you'll likely hurt me too." Pinkie Pie spoke, looking down at the floor.

"I promise I won't, now what is it?" Twilight asked, offering the best heartwarming smile she could give.

Pinkie Pie sighed, without looking at Twilight she decided to tell her. "....Last night, me and Pinkamena were arguing. I was so upset by what I remembered and what she was telling me, that when a pony put their hoof on my shoulder I-I snapped..." She bursted into tears.

Twilight immediately rushed up to Pinkie Pie, embracing her in a hug as she cried onto her shoulder. "What happen Pinkie?" She asked hoping nothing terrible had happened to her.

It was hard for Pinkie Pie to talk, she was crying so much she almost flooded her room. Finally, after about a minute, she just blurted it out. "I KILLED HER!"

Twilight became frozen, her mind unable to progress what she had just heard. Slowly she moved back and looked into her friend’s face, it was so wet with tears she almost looked unrecognizable. Twilight was now in full flight mode, usually you would have two reactions at certain moments. Sometimes you choose to run or do nothing out of fear, others you take action and in a situation this, it could mean life or death.

"I-I didn't mean too Twilight...honest I didn't…” Pinkie Pie cried, trying to stop Twilight from leaving. “Everything went black and I didn't know I did it, until it was too late."

Twilight didn't know what to do or think, she wasn’t sure if she was scared of or for her friend. She just knew whatever she says now, had to be true or it'll cause a rift between them.

"Pinkie, you killed somepony?"

"I didn't mean to hurt her..." Pinkie Pie shedded more tears, wishing she would just die.

"Pinkie, we need to tell the princess about this." That was one of the few words that Twilight
wished she had never spoken, but it just came naturally for her to get the princess’ help in dire situations like these.

"NO TWILIGHT!” Pinkie Pie shouted so loudly Twilight nearly jumped. “If ponies finds out I'll have to take therapy or be hospitalized again! And I won't go through those again I just WON’T!" Pinkie Pie snapped, not caring if anypony outside heard her.

Twilight had started backing up out of fear, with Pinkie taking steps in sync to her’s. "W-Where are you going Twilight..? Please don't leave me..." Pinkie Pie started begging.

It's hard to tell but Twilight could could swear Pinkie Pie’s voice had started to chance, it felt like her very personally was changing right in front of her. "Pinkie, you need help, I don't know how but we need to tell the princess." Twilight relied, trying to convince Pinkie Pie to turn herself in. “Look, if we go to her she’ll protect you. If you don’t and they find out, could be banished or worse..if it was an accident then she’ll understand!”

Pinkie Pie sighed once more, she hated to admit it but Pinkamena was right. "I knew she was are going hurt me..." Pinkie Pie spoke as a few tears dripped from her cheeks, hitting the floor that to both mares, felt it had shook the house on impact.

"No Pinkie Pie, I wanna help you before you hurt yourself or any other pony." Spoke Twilight, taking a step forward instead of back. “You know me Pinkie you know I woul---”

"Then don't tell anypony!” Pinkie Pie snapped again, her body starting to shiver. “J-Just keep this as a secret...a secret between friends..." She begged Twilight, pleading to her friend for support.

"How can I? I can't just keep something like this a secret! If it was me, what would you do? You would help me just as I’m trying to help you now!”

"I told you Pinkie Pie...she isn't a true friend...hehehehahaha, you know what to do..." Pinkamena whispered to Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie looked at the mirror, Pinkamena was acting out the act of stabbing Twilight in the back, Pinkie Pie shook her head begging no, but Pinkamena said in a firm voice “Do it. Do it now or she’ll expose you as a monster, do you want your best friend to spread rumors like that around? She’s your friend...think of it her the greatest gift you can offer.”

Pinkie Pie had looked back up, she was slowly shaking her head but as Pinkamena said “A quick death, a death given by her closest friend.” she stared at Twilight, then at the floor.

"...I’m sorry Twilight..." Pinkie Pie spoke, rubbing her eyes free of any more tears.

"It's OK Pinkie Pie,” Twilight walked up embracing Pinkie Pie in another hug, then gave her a warm smile “now I'm going to tell the princess that it was an accident. And maybe, just maybe everything will be OK. Wait right here until I get back."

As Twilight left the room Pinkie Pie’s eyes were fixed on her, gulping at what she has to do. When Twilight got to the stairs she paused, wondering if she’s really doing the right thing. Maybe she should go and see Octavia first, but what if Pinkie Pie follows or skips town? She should’ve made her Pinkie Promise, Twilight facehooved that it hadn’t crossed her mind. She would turn back and ask her to make one, but realized it would probably be better to give her some space for now. She started to walk, her hoof touching the first step when---SMACK--she was hit from behind.

She tumbled down the stairs, smacked against the floor face first and entered a roll that didn’t stop until he ran over a table. “O-Ooooowwwwwww……” Twilight gasped in pain, trying to stand but quickly lost balance.

She heard hoof steps coming down the stairs, after a bit of a struggle she manages to flip over to see who had attacked her. It was Pinkie Pie, but her mane and tail had flatten and she gave the most, un-Pinkie-est stare Twilight had ever seen. Then she lost conscious and didn’t regain it until later that night, her head was in serious pain. She attempted to open her eyes but her vision was so blurry, it was like looking through plastic. After a couple minutes had went by she tried to move, it was then she noticed her arms were hanging above her head and that her legs felt like they were strapped down

Suddenly lights flashed on blinding her already blurry eyes, she closed them but the light was so bright it felt like was it burning through her eyelids. But as soon as they had turned on, they went darker, she could still see the light but it was a lot more bearable. After another couple minutes had passed Twilight opened her eyes again, they were still blurry but she could make out a pink blur moving around. It seemed to be moving something across the room, stopping only once or twice to check Twilight’s hanging hooves, then would dart out of site.

"Oh goody you're awake!" Spoke a voice.

Before she could answer Twilight had something wet thrown over her eyes, she tossed in a panic but was held down as the wet object was rubbed against her eyelids. After about another minute it was removed and to Twilight’s surprise, her eyesight was 100% normal again.

“Sorry about the light,” Spoke the same voice, “I didn’t realized I had it set up to ultra blinding.” Twilight blinked a few times to make sure what she was seeing was real.

She was scared as she looked around the room, it looked like a basement but so heavily party based. There were balloons everywhere, so many file cabinets she could hardly see the wall, there was a slide, and a desk lamp shining right into her face. Looking over at Pinkie Pie, who was messing with what looked medical tools on the movable table the lamp sat on, she hoped to Celestia this was all a bad nightmare. She opened her mouth to speak but once more, Pinkie Pie had placed a wet rag over her eyes.

“Oh silly, don’t give a fuss~” Spoke Pinkie Pie as she rubbed the rag against Twilight’s eyes again. “Just a second coat to be sure, Zecora gave me a potion to restore eyesight. I was worried the light blinded I opened it up for you!”

"P-Pinkie..? Where am I?" Twilight asked as Pinkie Pie removed the rag from her eyes, tossing it into a bottle with some kind of purple liquid.

"That's for me to know, and for you to...well, find out silly!" Pinkie Pie replied giggling.

Twilight had a thousand thoughts going through her mind, and none she could make out other than pure fear. "Pinkie, why are you doing this? This isn't like you."

"Because Pinkamena says I got to. Believe me, I don’t want too, but she says I have too." Pinkie Pie answered Twilight, giving her a sudden thought.

This Pinkamena Pinkie Pie keeps talking about, maybe she's a split personally or something. Of course Twilight didn’t put any stock into that stuff, how could a pony have two personalities? It doesn’t make any sense to her, but maybe Pinkie Pie does believe it. There was only one way for her to find out, she’ll have to ask.

"Pinkie, who exactly is Pinkamena? And, why are you listening to her?" Twilight decided to ask the two basic questions she could think of, maybe knowing about her could give her a chance out of this situation.

Pinkie Pie titled her head confused, then frowned. "Well, Pinkamena is the real me as she keeps saying. I thought I left her behind with my past, with my memories...But after I started to remember them she came back."

“So she’s---”

"The only one I can really trust." Pinkie Pie interrupted.

Twilight still didn't believe that Pinkie Pie had another mind, what she was thinking was the complete opposite. But whatever she thinks, to Pinkie Pie she is real, and she needed to get her to not to listen to Pinkamena.

"And why did Pinkamena tell you to do this?" Twilight asked, hoping that answer could shed some light on her sudden kidnapping.

"Because, she says this is all your fault and that you need to pay...She's evil Twilight, just nasty..." Pinkie Pie explained.

"Then don't listen to her, Pinkie listen. You don't need to listen to Pinkamena as she has no control over you." Twilight tried convincing her.

Pinkie Pie didn't want to believe her, she was so scared. Scared of being hurt again and of herself, she was even scared of acting on her own again fearing what she might do. She just wanted this to end, and according to Pinkamena, killing Twilight was the only way.

"Pinkie Pie please...don't do this, the only one hurting you is Pinkamena. That’s why you had to forget abo---"

"Don't say that!!!" Pinkie Pie snapped, picking up a sharp medical tool. "She's me, and even tho I hate her I can't get rid of her. I hate her so much yet she was always my only friend...." Pinkie Pie started to cry again, hoof shaking uncontrollably.

"No she's not! Think about it Pinkie Pie!” Twilight had snapped back, only realizing she did when Pinkie Pie started to cry more. “I can't tell you if she isn't real or not, that’s for you to decide. But, what I can tell you is that you don't have to listen to her!" Twilight said this with a slight urgency in her voice, being desperate trying to get Pinkie Pie to realize she didn’t need to do this.

"You should listen to you and only you, she's saying I'll hurt you but I won't!” Pinkie Pie shook her head and drew the medical tool towards Twilight. “Pinkie Pie I promised you!!! Remember? Losing a friend's trust is the fastest way to lose a friend forever? Remember that Pinkie Pie?" Twilight blurted out, swearing her heart was about to burst from her chest.

Pinkie Pie at that moment became speechless, she forgot all about saying that and was surprised Twilight remembered it. Maybe she could trust Twilight after all, but she heard Pinkamena’s voice telling her to kill Twilight before she tells her more lies.

Twilight could see how Pinkie Pie was struggling by the pain in her eyes, she was starting to think this was all her fault. If she hadn’t used that memory spell then this never would had happen, "I'm sorry Pinkie Pie." Twilight had started to shed tears of her own now.

Pinkie Pie was caught off guard by seeing her cry, "Why are you sorry?" she asked taking the rag and started to wipe away her tears.

"Because this is all my fault, I made you remembered by using my memory spell. I'm sorry for everything, but you don't need to hurt me or others. That's not you Pinkie, the Pinkie pie I know and love as a friend is kind, friendly, and ever so random." Twilight explained.

Just then Pinkie started to think about her life ever since she moved to Ponyville, she had forgotten all about her new memories ever since she started to remember the old ones. But that didn’t undo what she had done, she hadn’t even told Twilight how Pinkamena made her dispose of the body. Should she tell Twilight and if not, then what could she possibly do? Pinkie Pie had no idea, she was too scared to even think straight.

Deep in the back of her mind she could hear Pinkamena’s voice, Kill her….kill her now! Don’t fall for her fake tears, she wants to turn you in remember? If she was a true friend than she wou--- but Pinkie Pie had enough. Against Pinkamena’s yelling at her she dropped the medical tool, and embraced Twilight in the biggest hug she could muster.

“I’m so scared Twilight….” Pinkie Pie cried, nearly squeezing Twilight to death.

“Ack!!!” Can’t--breathe--!” Pinkie Pie’s grip as she hugged her was so tight, Twilight thought her lungs were being squeezed.

After a bit of a struggle Pinkie Pie had loosen her grip, finally letting flesh air enter Twilight’s lungs. “It’s OK to be scared Pinkie,” Spoke Twilight, she would embrace Pinkie Pie’s hug if her legs weren’t suspended. “everypony gets scared, who wouldn’t in thi---um, look Pinkie.”

Twilight nudged her head to get Pinkie Pie to look at her, “You're going to have to be brave, and the Pinkie Pie I know is very brave.” taking a moment to catch her breath more, she spoke as small tears had started to run down her cheeks. “Can you ever forgive me?”

“YYYYYEEESSSS!!!!” Pinkie Pie cried, immediately squeezing her to near suffocation again.

“Ack! P-Pinki---ACK!” Twilight was beginning to gag but to her dismay Pinkie Pie wasn’t noticing, she would have to speak in gasps. “If--you--are--ready---GASP---confident--can---
gasps---you--let me go--gasps...”

Pinkie Pie finally let go, and Twilight had never gasped for air so badly in her whole life.
"Oh, sure thing Twilight!” She spoke reaching up, trying to unlock her legs. “And after that we can tell the princess all abo---" Suddenly she was interrupted by a sharp pain in the back of her head.

"OW MY HEAD!" Pinkie Pie yelled out, she stumbled backwards holding her head.

"Pinkie? What's wrong!?" Twilight asked, watching as her friend stumbled and knocking over everything.

She stumbled first to the movable table with the medical tools, holding onto it for support but it slides away. She stumbles to some file cabinets, but ended up knocking them off as her headache worsens. She stumbles to the slide, falling face first into it and attempts to climb but as if pulled by a invisible leash, she jerked backwards onto the floor.

"It's---my---head---it hurts..." Pinkie Pie cried, now violently knocking over everything in her path.

Twilight was trying to speak to her but all she could do was watch in terror, it appeared like Pinkie Pie was fighting an unseen foe.

Kill her...kill her now!

"! NO! STOP IT! I won't...” Pinkie Pie Shouted, punching a cabinet to the point it was entirely covered in hoof dents.

You must----


…..Then I will.

Suddenly as if hit by something, Pinkie Pie gave the highest and most high pitch scream Twilight had ever heard. Balloons popped, Twilight swearing her eardrums had burst, then she just stopped. She was still screaming but no sound could be heard, Twilight tried taking this moment to get the attention of anypony who might’ve heard the scream, but no responses came. She struggled against her locks, managing to free one leg, but the other three were still tightly lock.

All she could do was watch her friend silently screaming, had she screamed so loudly her voice box had burst? She watched Pinkie Pie’s silent scream for what felt like minutes, until her mane and tail had flaten. It was like taking a pin needle to a balloon, Twilight had never seen her mane so flat since the time Pinkie Pie thought her birthday was forgotten.

"P-Pinkie..?" Asked Twilight as Pinkie Pie lowers her head.

But Pinkie Pie didn't reply, she just stared at the floor, then up at Twilight as if looking straight through her. Twilight felt more uneasy than she had all day, one of her best friends giving her a stare that sent more than just shivers through her body. A full minute had went by before a single reaction was given from Pinkie Pie, she smiled. But it only made Twilight feel more uncomfortable, the smile resembles that of an insane pony as it gets even wider, and her eyes got darker.

"Pinkie Pie.......isn't here. Not anymore, hehehe.." Pinkie Pie spoke in a low, almost deeper pitch of her voice that sounded a bit scratchy.

"What do you mean? You're right here!" Twilight asked confused by what Pinkie Pie had just said.

Pinkie Pie started to giggled, it would’ve made Twilight shiver more but the laugh she gave shortly after, made Twilight truly feel she was insane.

"Hehehehahahaha......why I'm Pinkamena silly! Pinkamena Diane Pie...." Pinkie Pie laughed some more, but she wasn’t Pinkie Pie anymore.

Pinkamena had taken over, taken control of Pinkie Pie’s body but unlike her, there was no voices in the back of her head telling her what to do. Twilight's eyes became wider as Pinkamena kneeled by the medical tools, picking up a scalpel that sparkled with the light from the knocked over lamp.

"W-What do you m-m-mean..?" Twilight asked, sweating heavily as the scalpel was placed on her cheek, luckily on it’s less sharp and flatten side.

"Pinkie Pie was weak...So I simply took over." Pinkamena answered her, but Twilight was too focused on the scalpel nearing her eye to hear her.

"Oh what's wrong..? You're turning so white...hehehehehahaha!" Pinkamena
giggled, noticing Twilight’s purple turning pale. “You know, you remind me of---just wait here for a second! Hehehehe!”

As Pinkamena moved to behind Twilight, she kept repeating over and over “You're not're not real…” and as she heard Pinkamena picking something up her speech became more panicked. "I-I don't believe you're're not real! You’re not! you're just---OH CELESTIA WHAT IS THAT!?!?!?"

A skull had suddenly came face to face with her, heart beating so violently she couldn’t even scream by the amount of terror she was in.

"Oh I'm very real Twilight…” Came Pinkie Pie’s altered voice, the skull moved to the side revealing her face.

Twilight’s mouth spoke soundless words as Pinkamena winked at her, placing the skull back over her face as if it were a mask. ”I made Pinkie Pie kill this pony, and baked her into such delicious cupcakes, the ponies really liked them you know..." Pinkamena explained, pretending the skull was her actual face.

Twilight wanted to scream, the pony Pinkie Pie admitted to murdering was baked into cupcakes and her skeleton was---”Y-YOU MONSTER!!!!! Pinkie Pie would never---”

“Oh but she did~” Pinkamena interrupted, rubbing the skull against Twilight’s cheek. “It was quite easy, she was so scared she would’ve jumped off a cliff if I asked~ Altho, that would’ve ended badly for me too..I gotta thank you Twilight, it’s annoying when nopony will listen to you...I guess sometimes you just gotta take matters into your own hooves.”

Going around Twilight Pinkamena places the skull back on the wall, admiring it before returning to Twilight. She saw that Twilight wanted to throw up but couldn’t do more than gag, she giggled as she enjoyed watching others in pain. But Twilight wasn't in pain just yet, Pinkamena wanting to see Twilight’s reaction started to lick the scalpel. The resulting reaction was so funny to her she could laugh for weeks on end, but her work had to come first. Although it would be one of her prized memories from now on, licking the scalpel some more she spoke to Twilight.

"Oh what's wrong my dear..? You don't like parties anymore?" Pinkamena mock as she moved the scalpel closer to Twilight’s throat, but froze as something caught her eye.

As she bends down picking up a knife she tried to decide whether to use it or the scalpel, "W-Why are you doing this?" Twilight asked, unable to take her eyes off the two tools she knew were about to be used on her.

Pinkamena giggled, deciding to just use both. Placing one of them between her teeth she answered Twilight’s question, "Well it's quite simple really...You see I enjoy other's pain, all, every living creature deserves it...after what they did to us..." and Twilight could swear she was biting down very hard on the tool in anger.

"But...that's not true! You can't hurt others just because---"

"Oh but I can~ The only ones that didn't hurt us were our sisters. Every---pony else did, you can't trust no pony or you risk them hurting you." Pinkamena interrupted, biting down on her second tool more and likely leaving teeth marks in it.

"But you can't hurt others just because of that! It's not right!” Twilight shouting, almost enraged now. “Not every pony will hurt you and even if they do, you shouldn't hurt them back! Real friends will--what are you laughing at!?!?"

Pinkamena was giggling so much she dropped the second tool from her mouth, she was just enjoying Twilight's attempt at trying to get to her a little too much.

Pinkamena giggled for a good full minute before she spoke again, "Well this is going on for far too much as I enjoy our talk, I'm afraid it's time..." and the smile she gave made Twilight gulp.

The skull that was in her face not mere minutes ago was flashing in her mind, but she imagined it was her own skull instead and gulped a second time.

"Hehehe...oh yes my dear, you're going to die..." Pinkamena laughed insanely with Twilight wishing that somepony, anypony, would could to her rescue.

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