BANNED! - MEGA-BAN HAMMER! (to morgan0805) by Darkspeen

BANNED! - MEGA-BAN HAMMER! (to morgan0805)


5 August 2017 at 09:21:13 MDT

OK! First electronic piece I actually finished XD And also the first one trying to be more... "normal"... but then it got as weird as me again XD anyways.... The single's name is "BANNED!" and the piece is called "MEGA-BAN HAMMER!"

Dedicated to the My Little Pony: Roleplay is Magic moderator morgan0805 In Roblox

Why, you may ask? Well.. because she was the one saying she had a ban hammer XD sooooo.. yeah... I thought it fun! And I thank her becuase I had fun watching at her playing her moderator role XD

If you're a MLP fan you should try that game :3 It's awesome! that if you enjoy roleplaying XD

ENJOY! Or else I'll ban you!!! ... please :3

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