Tribute for a great partner... by DarkShadow777

Tribute for a great partner...


19 December 2013 at 17:50:47 MST

Well... this came to my mind after more or less 7 years since my beloved siamese cat left this world... you may wonder why after 7 years... well, is an special number, that's why I decided to do this in this exact time.

She was a grat companion, poor she, the first time we met was in July, in the middle of the worst season of rainy days, fortunately, I could gain her trust and finally she could stay in home.

My mother (who loves animals with almost no limits) loved the idea, and gave her the name, Ruya.

She was so funny, because she always loved to see TV with mom, but over her :XD: also was always corius of what the hell I was doing on my PC at night... that, and also loved to tease other cats (males) from a window...

Because of that, and recalling all this memories, I did this shot, I always though that, if she were an anthro, she could have been a dancer, and a great fighter (ouch... that claws!!!)...

So, I introduce you, Ruya, a skilled dancer, fast and dangerous fighter (Muay Thai), and, one of my best friends :)

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