[Comm] Spring Elves by DarkShadow777

[Comm] Spring Elves


13 April 2019 at 01:09:05 MDT

Since the day she was assigned to be Ilyse's personal guard, way before the fall of Luxas, aside from being the Royal Guard in chief, Giovanna always found enjoyment and happiness in her duty. After all, having this feelings towards the Princess is a good motivation.


Valande was always worried his daughter couldn't handle attracting extra attention to her persona, and when his daughter wanted to go to the beach every spring, Giovanna was the most trustworthy to keep an eye on the elf princess.


Of course, Giovanna can't also help herself and take opportunity to have a good feel of the princess, after all, elves inherit this naughty nature, and she's not to blame! Still, don't expect Giovanna to be all groppy and disrespectful all the time, because, at the end, she feels something else for Ilyse. On the other side, its worth to comment that any other person in the position of Giovanna here would get a hard slap in their faces from Ilyse. Although, this will not happen, because Ilyse respects Giovanna too much, and would even let her do this, trusting all the time the Guard's in Chief judgement, even if she feels uncomfortable -in the exterior, because her inner lewd self adores being groped and molested-


The story behind why Ilyse respects Giovanna and has in high standard set in her, is simple: Ilyse never met her mother, and Giovanna was like a good sister, and the female image she was lacking in her life.


And I shut up now!


(YES I enjoyed doing this commission a lot, and, expect Giovanna to appear in Livantia, the story I'm developing, along with other characters from other great fellas of mine!) 


And finally, Giovanna is a beautiful OC belonging to JoshPineapple1, he gave me permission to construct a little headcanon for her in Livantia.


Fridaysketch Commission for JoshPineapple1

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